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"Stuff counsellors say" by Freya Sedgwick

By Camp America on 08/07/2016

Before I went to camp I saw absolutely loads of videos about the kind of stuff counsellors say to the kids on camp and they’ve all come true. I wanted to share some of these with you because they’re so true...

Here’s some things I’m saying to my girls this summer..

“Has everyone had at least four cups of water this meal?” 

“Where are your sneakers you can’t wear converse to athletics” 

“Guys, does anyone know what’s for lunch or dinner?” (this is the best part of a counsellors day) 

“What times line up again?”

“Guys two minutes to line up, leave now!!” 

“Please can you just go to sleep? Like is it really that hard?” 

“Can I nap now?” 

“Guys who wants to do compliment cookies” (also the favourite part of a counsellors day) 

“Why is the clean washing in the middle of the dirty floor?!”

“Girls it’s just an ant stop screaming!” 

You are literally these girls temporary mums for the summer and 24/7 your picking up after them, nagging them to get out of bed and having dance parties no matter how tired you are. Even if you can barely walk after the longest day you do it for your girls. Standing on the benches at dinner screaming chants and always having a smile on your face is absolutely crucial! being a camp counsellor is definitely the best job in the world and I wouldn’t change it for the world. The days can feel so long but if you learn to have fun with your campers and understand who they are as a person you can’t go wrong! 

The girls in my bunk have a big expectation for their summer as its their final year at camp and it’s our job to give them the best summer ever! It can be hard at times but seeing them going to bed every night with a smile on their face and so many stories to tell definitely makes up for the harder times.  If you still can’t decide whether you want to go to camp, DO IT! You’ll never make a better decision! 

Bye for now!


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