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"Stuff counsellors say" by Freya Sedgwick

Before I went to camp I saw absolutely loads of videos about the kind of stuff counsellors say to the kids on camp and they’ve all come true. I wanted to share some of these with you because they’re so true...

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6 Jul 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Katy - Humans of Camp America

For as long as I can remember, I had wanted to apply to Camp America, but I just never found the right time, and always ended up making excuses not to apply...

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2 Jul 2016  •  Participant Blog: Arianna Ware

"Entry 2: I'm in America!" by Brad Grant

I’m with you on the packing situation. So, since October last year, I have been set on taking a backpack, after a few trials it seemed fine....

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"Can’t believe its the second week!" by Freya Sedgwick

This week all the kids arrived and its been the most amazing week. camp changed as soon as they arrive and I never stop...

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