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22 Oct 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

How to have the most Americanised Halloween 

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Halloween in the USA seems to be a much bigger celebration than it is over here. Here in the UK, us Brits seem to jump straight from summer, to the Christmas countdown, yet the US manage to give each season and event the celebration it deserves!! It’s fair to say, the power of social media is starting to make it become more of a thing here…or at least, an opportunity to look good on the gram, so we’re here to help you make the most out of Halloween this year!! 

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20 Oct 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

The Croc is Summer Camp 2021's It-shoe'

Described recently in Vogue as a ‘practical lockdown footwear solution’, Crocs are seeing a huge resurgence; with thanks mainly, to Justin Bieber’s recent collaboration.

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13 Oct 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

5 reasons why a summer at home was way better than one at camp...

Summer 2020 may not have gone to plan but admit it, it was 1000x better than the summer you once imagined it to be…

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