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"Special Needs Summer Camps" by Brad Grant

There are hundreds of Special Needs camps across the U.S who Camp America work alongside in-order to help find YOU, the perfect counselor...

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3 Mar 2016  •  Working on a Special Needs Camp

Rachel, Special Needs Counsellor

My Camp America journey began in February 2015. I had my interview and I can honestly say that working at a special needs camp hadn’t really crossed my mind. I’m just your average Sports Science Student...

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2 Feb 2016  •  Working on a Special Needs Camp

Hannah, Special Needs Counsellor

I did 3 summers at a special needs camp called Camp Loyaltown, I initially didn't want to go to a special needs camp at all, but when I was at the recruitment fair, there was something out this camp...

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Hannah - Humans of Camp America

I was hired at the Edinburgh Recruitment Fair in 2013. Initially I had ruled out Special Needs camps for my summer but there was just something about the stall...

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12 Jan 2016  •  Working on a Special Needs Camp

Sarah, Special Needs Counsellor

As a ‘ready to go’ applicant, when I received an offer from a camp specialising in Non- Verbal learning difficulties, Autism spectrum disorders and Asperbergers- I was unsure as to whether this was the camp for me...

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"This one time at camp" by Liverpool Brand Managers

I found myself dressed as Rapunzel being serenaded by Flynn Ryder at lunch. I ended up in a canoe with two only chinese speaking campers. I found myself sat inside a giant whale...

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