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27 Feb 2016  •  Participant Blog: Arianna Ware

"Girl Scout Camp" by Arianna Ware

The thought of living in a rustic environment is often a reason as to why so many people don’t select this type of camp, however, by the end of this blog, you should have a full understanding...

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26 Feb 2016  •  Participant Blog: Brad Grant

"Deserts to Cities" by Brad Grant

Eighteen days, 12 strangers, 1 chauffeur and Fourteen States. Let me tell you all about the amazing and unforgettable trip I completed back in the summer of 2014!...

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25 Feb 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Gloria - Humans of Camp America

I did Camp America twice; summer 2011 and 2012. Everything started when I was studying in Norwich. I had heard of amazing experiences of Summer camps...

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23 Feb 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Living the Camp Life

The weight of the gun made my arms tired as its butt pressed into my shoulder. I squeezed the trigger back confidently, like I had a thousand times before...

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22 Feb 2016  •  Participant Blog: Brad Grant

"My Backpack and I, So Far" by Brad Grant

For those that know me personally or have followed me on social media for the past two years you will know that I never stop talking about traveling. But why? I’m going to tell you...

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14 Feb 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Zach - Humans of Camp America

When I first met the girl I was one day going to propose to in front of 300 campers and staff at Golden Slipper Camp, I had no idea what our relationship was going to become...

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12 Feb 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Emma - Humans of Camp America

This summer in America has been the best thing I've ever done and I urge any of you to do it if you get the chance! I've met the kindest, warmest souls ever there and definitely friends for life...

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11 Feb 2016  •  Participant Blog: Arianna Ware

"Words that aren't the same across the pond!" by Arianna Ware

Although in both the UK and America the most commonly spoken language is English, one of the first things you’ll notice when you get to the states is the occasional language barrier....

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"A Message from a Specialist" By Rachel Kay (Liverpool Brand Manager)

Hi, I’m Rachel, I’m a Camp America interviewer in the Warrington/Liverpool/Crewe area (yep, cover a lot of land!) and I was a specialist (and a general for one summer) during my camp summers....

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"It’s not over yet.. Final CD Fair!" by Liverpool Brand Managers

Camp America has had another groundbreaking year at the recruitment fairs and with our last one of the season approaching in London on 20th February...

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5 Feb 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Brad - Humans of Camp America

Camp America completely changed the direction of my life. Now, 16 months on from completing my first summer in upstate New York, I've left a full-time job, I'm living away from home...

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3 Feb 2016  •  Participant Blog: Arianna Ware

"What to pack for camp!" by Arianna Ware

You’ve got your placement, you’re counting down the days until camp, but wondering what on earth you need to pack to last you the whole summer right?

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