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28 Mar 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Film and TV locations in America, You Should Visit This Summer.

Love movies? Love TV shows? Well here are some real life filming locations that you can visit in America!

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20 Mar 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

A Scientist Has Calculated the Perfect Roadtrip Across America.

Thinking about Road Tripping America this summer, but not sure where to begin planning?

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14 Mar 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

10 Beautiful Places in America

America has an array of breathtaking sights, check out our top ten beautiful places in the States.

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6 Mar 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Adam - Humans of Camp America

I decided to apply to Camp America because I wanted to get outside of my comfort zone. I had lived in Sheffield all my life and it was all I had ever known...

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6 Mar 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Why Working at a Summer Camp, is the Best Summer Internship.

So why exactly is a summer at camp so good for your CV?

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