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What you need to know about Private Camps...

When you picture an American summer camp, you're probably imagining a beautiful lake, log cabins, green fields and lots of sports and activities going on. This is all very typical of a Private Camp!

What is a Private Camp?

Private Camps are set up by families or companies to run as a business, so they make money by charging parents a fee for campers to attend. These camps usually have an extensive range of activities on offer including; Landsports, Watersports, Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Adventure, Performing Arts, Media and Music. They will also have the classic summer camp traditions such as; campfires, overnight camping, special events and off-camp trips. With so much going on, these camps are very busy - so be ready for a fun-filled summer!

Accommodation & Facilities

You’ll typically find Private Camps in the beautiful countryside away from busy city life. These camps can be pretty big and usually have a lake, sports fields and hundreds of acres of land along with a great selection of facilities and equipment. Accommodation is normally log cabins and if you're a Counsellor you will share these with the children. Campower staff generally live in separate accommodation with other staff members.

The Campers

On Private Camps you can expect to have campers not just from the USA, but from all over the world!  They will range in age from 7-17 years and the older campers will sometimes be given the responsibility of helping the staff look after the younger children. As the parents pay money for their children to attend these camps, a lot of different activities will be offered to the campers and they get to pick which they would like to do. Campers will stay overnight and be on camp anywhere from 1-8 weeks.

Applying for a Private Camp

As Private Camps have so much going on, they will recruit staff from all over the world for a wide variety of different roles. So whatever your skills and experience, your application will automatically be sent to all of the Private Camps we work with. This means that when you complete your Camp America application, there won't be the option to select Private Camps as your preferred camp type - as we will send it to them anyway!



Alumni & Interviewer

Nicki's Experience at a Private Camp...

“I worked at a private residential camp in Pennsylvania for 4 summers. My camp had such a wide range facilities and activities to offer that I got to try things I never thought I would have the opportunity to. I could find myself doing everything from water sports, to high ropes courses and flying trapeze in any one day. It was great to try new things with my campers and encourage them to make the most out of their time at camp.”


Alumni & Interviewer

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