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What is a typical Campower day like?

As you're not directly responsibile for the campers or for teaching activities, you'll often find that your day includes more time off!

Your Schedule

As you're not in charge of the campers, you won't be on duty around the clock like the Counsellors. You'll typically work in a more shift/rotational routine so you'll have different periods of time off throughout the day and almost all evenings off. You'll also get days over the summer where you'll be able to get off camp and explore the local towns and cities close by to camp.


Campower staff have their own accomodation seperate to the campers and Counsellors. Obviously when you're on duty you need to stay in you're work area but when you've got time off you'll be encouraged to join in with the camp activities. You'll also share evenings and days off with some of the Counsellors, so you'll have plenty of time to hang-out with them too!

Here's What Your Day Might Look Like!



Your day will normally start earlier than the Counsellors and campers. So depending on what role you’re working in and you shift pattern for that day, you’ll normally get up pretty early!



As you’re not looking after the campers, you don’t need to eat with them! You’ll have breakfast before everyone else and with the other Campower staff.


Off to Work

Once breakfast is done you’ll be out starting your working day. So if you’re part of the kitchen team you’ll be getting the breakfast ready for all of the other staff and campers. The office will be open and you’ll be fielding those early morning calls and replying to emails. The maintenance team might already be out cutting the grass or getting the camp ready for the day’s activities.



You’ve been working hard all morning so depending on your role you might get a little break mid-morning so you can have a rest or go join in some of the amazing activities!



Again, you’ll be eating before the rest of camp so that you can be back in your work areas over the lunch period to provide cover and keep everything running.


Back to it!

Lunchtime is over and you’ll be back in your areas for the afternoon working hard and soaking up the camp atmosphere.



If you didn’t get a break in the morning, you might get one in the afternoon. Again you can use this time to relax, catch up with friends and family back home or as we always recommend, go and get involved in some activities!



Final meal of the day and a good chance to catch up with the rest of the Campower team and see how everyone’s day has gone. You can make plans for your evening off, make sure you know which one of you is on duty for the last part of the day and generally just enjoy your meal in relative peace before the campers get in there!


Finish Up

Last working part of the day! While the Counsellors and campers are eating dinner you’ll report back to your work areas make sure you’ve completed all of your tasks for the day and finish off any last minute jobs.



Your day is pretty much now done! You can shut down the office, put the paint brushes away, fold the last piece of laundry and get some well earned rest. The Counsellors and campers will be finishing up dinner and getting ready for the evening activity so once you’ve chilled out for a bit go and join in with them for the rest of the day.


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