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18 Mar 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

5 tips for landing a camp counselor job

Many camp counselors are hired or re-hired because they’re already known by camp directors for having strong and worthy personal and interpersonal qualities from their days as a camper or a Junior Counselor...

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17 Mar 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

5 qualities of a top notch camp counselor

There are so many superior traits that make up a great camp counselor that it’s hard to narrow it down — especially when each individual counselor is a unique person who does it her way...

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16 Mar 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Internship vs. Camp: No Need to Choose

It’s an experience that every Camp Alleghany counselor has had at some point. You look down at the resumé that you’ve revised again and again, and you hardly recognize your camp years...

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15 Mar 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Top 3 reasons to be a camp counselor

It’s easy to think about being a camp counselor as simply what you do — or what you have to do: your duties, assignments, responsibilities. And of course those things matter and are a big deal...

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14 Mar 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Being a Counselor is a Marathon not a Sprint

One of the great things about landing a summer camp counseling job is that you know exactly when the job begins and ends, allowing you to plan other late spring and late summer activities...

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11 Mar 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Over the pond and back again

I had a very quick whirlwind of a trip to London a few weeks ago, to go to a Camp America Directors Fair in search of international camp counselor recruits...

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23 Feb 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Living the Camp Life

The weight of the gun made my arms tired as its butt pressed into my shoulder. I squeezed the trigger back confidently, like I had a thousand times before...

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19 Jan 2016  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Camp chores and camper responsibility

In the world of camp professionals, we talk a lot about how camp fulfills a much needed part of a child’s whole education. If school is critical to success and achievement, we argue, then camp has a very similar...

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24 Nov 2015  •  Camp Alleghany Blogs

Department Series: All about Activity Departments at Camp Alleghany

Hi, Taylor Fellows here, your Camp Alleghany Program Director. I’m so excited to write my first blog, starting with a series on the Departments at Camp Alleghany...

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