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What roles are available?

Find out more about how you can join the Camp America team by checking out the roles below...

Who are we looking for?

There are a number of requirements and characteristics that we're looking for in each of our available positions.


If you wish to apply to be an Interviewer we do ask that you have completed at least 2 summers at camp or have substantial and relevant recruitment experience. Please note that applications for new interviewers are currently closed.


For all of our positions we’re looking for people who are passionate about summer camp life, cultural exchange and who are loyal to the brand of Camp America.


Both the Interviewer and Brand Manager roles will not have contracted hours. What we’re looking for are people who can dedicate a portion of their time, alongside their other commitments, to positively promote Camp America.


With all of our roles we’re looking for people with strong interpersonal and communication skills. We want perspective applicants to be able to talk to you and fully understand what Camp America is and want to apply!


For or varying office positions we ideally want someone who has applicable admin skills and can handle heavy workloads to help others achieve the same amazing experience you did.


All of the roles will include an application process and assessment process. For office roles this will be a formal interview and the Interviewer and Brand Manager roles will include assessment weekends.



Returner, Brand Manager & Interviewer

Jess's Experience...

"My campers say they live 10 months for 2, but I'm lucky enough to be able to share my love of camp all year round through my role as a Brand Manager, and more recently an Interviewer. Helping people to kick start their unforgettable journey with Camp America is something that I will never take for granted."


Returner, Brand Manager & Interviewer

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