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Returner & Brand Manager

Adrienne's Experience...

"As an outdoor Adventure/Canoe specialist I am able to take group of campers into northern Minnesota for weeklong canoe expeditions. Its great watching the campers form friendships over the week, learn new skills canoeing whilst going back to basics and living in rural lakeside locations.  The views and the atmosphere are spectacular and I'm going to keep going back as much as I can, so I can explore, educate and enjoy."


Returner & Brand Manager

Why return to camp?

You know how good your first summer was, right? Well imagine doing that all over again with knowing what to expect and can get more out of it!

Being a Returner on Camp

Returning to camp puts you in such a unique position and we always encourage people to spend at least one summer as a returner. You can get out to camp early, help get everything set-up, help run the orientation and get all the new staff settled in. You'll know exactly what to expect throughout the summer but each day will still bring something new and exciting, plus the kids will definitely remember your name and be pleased to see you!

Do I need to be re-interviewed?

If you're wishing to return to the same camp that you've already worked on then you don't need to attend another Camp America interview. Please note if you're returning to the same camp after missing two or more summers we will need new, up to date references but still no interview. If you're wishing to apply for a new camp you will need to be re-interviewed by Camp America and provide two new references, one of which must be from your previous camp.

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