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What you need to know about working on a Girl Scout Camp....

Girl Scout Camps are all about outdoor living with lots of hiking, waterfront, outdoor camping, nature walks and teambuilding activities.

What is a Girl Scout Camp?

You've guessed it...they're camps just for girls! Girl Scout Camps are operated by the Girl Scouts of the USA, whose aim is to help girls discover the fun, friendship and the power of girls together. Some Girl Scout Camps run independently but most are one of many camps set up by the same Girl Scout organisation in that region, such as the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania or Girl Scouts of Northern California. Camping is a great way for girls to explore leadership, build skills, and develop a deep appreciation for nature, so this is exactly what these camps offer.

Accommodation & Facilities

Girl Scouts Camps are normally quite rustic, which means you’ll most likely be living in a platform tent for the summer. The tents are raised off the ground on wooden platforms (so you’re not sleeping on the floor) and they have a thick canvas covering with proper beds inside - so it's very different to normal camping! Unlike the other Camp Types, Counsellors generally stay in separate accommodation to the campers, so you will have the luxury of a staff only tent. Girl Scout Camps are all about enjoying the outdoors, so you make the most of natures facilities such as hiking in the woods and enjoying sunny days chilling by the lake.

The Campers

The girls are generally from the local area and sessions usually run from Monday to Friday, so it's likely that you will have new campers each week. They will range in age from 5-17 and there's a real family feel to these camps with everyone getting involved in group activities. Campers will learn how to cook in the outdoors, so there's lots of camp fires, toasted marshmallows, camp songs and stories under the stars. There is a fun tradition on most Girl Scout Camps, that the campers can't know your real name! So you'll be given a nickname when you arrive and you'll be known by this name for the entire summer!

Applying for a Girl Scout Camp

Girl Scout Camps mainly hire General Counsellors, as these camps focus more on helping build campers confidence rather than offering lots of sporty activities. So if you feel your skills are more suited to a general role, make sure you add Girl Scout Camps to your camp preferences. If you have any prior experience in groups such as the Brownies or Girl Guides, then these camps will be perfect for you! We also offer a specially designed course that will provide you with new skills to prepare you for your summer at a Girl Scout camp, click here if you want to find out more!




Cherie's Girl Scout Camp Experience...

“Our own Farwell bubble where campers and counsellors alike find themselves captivated in the beauty of their surroundings, unplugged from the outside world. A summer adventure inside a bubble that you never want to pop, full of lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.”



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