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18 Aug 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

6 reasons Camp America is an affordable gap year option

Results days have been and gone, it has been a really tricky year and maybe you're left wondering "what shall I do?". If you’re thinking about taking a gap year, let us tell you - make Camp America part of it! Even if a gap year isn't on the cards, Camp America is the perfect summer filler between university!! A summer at camp can be one of the cheapest ways to have the time of your life exploring the world. Here’s 6 reasons why..

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12 Aug 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

How one summer at camp will give you the best results of your life!

Results day is here and for many, it’s one of the most nerve wracking days of the year! You think that the contents of that envelope (or email in these circumstances) are what will define you for the rest of your life…but it doesn’t. There’s a great big world out there FULL of opportunities for you to explore and we’re here to tell you how a summer at camp can give you some of the best results of your life…results that aren’t just a letter or number!!

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