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What is a summer camp?

Summer Camps in the USA are a big part of American culture and it's traditional for kids to go to camp each year. There are thousands of summer camps spread all throughout the United States. They each offer a unique experience and will cater to different types of campers.

Why summer camps want you!

Although summer camp is very much an American tradition, the majority of camps love to have hire staff from all across the world Camps use Camp America to find the very best international staff to who can bring their own culture and traditions to the USA! 



Returner & Brand Manager

Ian's Experience...

"Being a part of camp is incredible. I was a General Counsellor at a Christian camp and had almost 100 boys to look after over the nine weeks I was there. Having the ability to impact the lives of the kid's is such an incredible opportunity and is one of the things that made me return. Camp America really taught me many things that will put me in good stead for the rest of my life. Going to camp is without a doubt the best thing I have EVER done- I only wish more people would try it out and find out for themselves!"


Returner & Brand Manager

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