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30 Nov 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Jack - Humans of Camp America (Brand Manager)

Where do I start. I’m pretty certain that deciding to take part in the Camp America programme drastically changed the course of my life...

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23 Nov 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Lisa - Humans of Camp America (Brand Manager)

Seeing a bit of myself in each of my campers every week was the best part for me...

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22 Nov 2016  •  Camp America Office Blogs

The Perfect Two Week West Coast Road Trip | Camp America

You’ll probably have been at camp a few weeks when the whispers of after camp travel will start. Who wants to go with who and where they want to go, it will become quite the topic, especially as camp comes to an end. There are so many options to choose from it can be over whelming on where to spend those precious days travelling before returning to the UK.

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18 Nov 2016  •  Participant Blog: Carys Tellyn

STEP 2: SAVE THE DATE(S) by Carys Louie Tellyn

And she’s back! Since my last blog, I have spent more time than I probably should refreshing my mail and searching for a glimmer of an ‘Application Update’ email. Every morning, the first thing I do is check my inbox for anything Camp America related…is that sad? I think not!

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16 Nov 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Lucy - Humans of Camp America (Brand Manager)

Camp America was always something that I knew about because I have an older sister and I was always curious to find out more about it...

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14 Nov 2016  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Top Tips to Ace Your Application!

Dreaming of spending the summer in the Californian sun, working by the lake in New York, or even teaching horse riding in Texas? Well applying to Camp America will make that dream a reality!

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9 Nov 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Pops - Humans of Camp America (CA Staff)

When I first signed up for Camp America, I couldn’t have anticipated how much it would shape my future...

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