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How do flights and pocket money work?

As part of your placement we will tell you your start date & role on camp. This will then determine when you're flying, and how much you'll be paid!

$800-$1350 Pocket Money

Camp America programme is focused on providing you with a unique & cultural experience, not a monthly salary! So we call the money you are given after camp 'pocket money'. Our programme is all about the experience with some financial reward at the end, so if you're looking to make money you're in the wrong place! This will be set and agreed upon before you leave and is determined by your age and role on camp. As a first year applicant you can expect to earn between $800-$1350 from your placement. Due to recent changes to the tax laws in the U.S. all J1 participants will now have taxes deducted from their pocket money and be required to complete a US Tax Return form after their return to their home county.  Please keep hold of your pay slips. Click here for more info about tax in the US!

Return Flight

If you have chosen to take a Camp America flight, included is a return flight from New York to the airport you departed from. Before you leave for camp you can tell us what date you'd like to come home and we'll get that booked while you're having an amazing time on camp. If you want a more flexible option we might be able to arrange that for you as well.

Getting to Camp

We will provide you with full instructions of what will happen when you land in America and how to get to camp. If you have selected a Camp America flight, you don't need to worry about when to fly or what the nearest airport to your camp is (especially as a lot of these camps are in remote locations!) Most of our flights are with Virgin Atlantic and we always try to do group flights, so your travelling with other people going to your camp which means the excitement truly starts at the airport!

Returning to Camp

After you've completed your first summer at camp, we know you're going to want to go back again! As a returner you'll be able to negotiate your pocket money directly with your camp (if going to the same one) and also arrange your own flights, therefore having another amazing summer but also hopefully making a bit more cash!



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Katie's Experience...

"I have been lucky enough to spend the past two summers at an amazing camp in Connecticut through Camp America. The experience, friends and memories I have made will stay with me forever! I loved the opportunity to travel the US and also through working at camp develop new skills which I can add to my CV and use in the future. This experience gave the best of both worlds and I wouldn't hesitate to go again!"


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