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What to expect?

Let us give you a little insight into life on camp as a member of the Campower team

Orientation Week

The first week on camp is a training week and is known as Camp Orientation. You will spend this time learning everything you need to know in your work area and getting the camp ready for the kids arrival. This is a great chance to get to know who you're going to be working with over the summer and also getting to know the Counsellors and even make use of the camp facilities!

The Campower Team

As a Campower staff member you'll be working as part of a very close team. Whether you're working in the kitchen, office or with the maintenance crew, you'll be managed by experienced staff that have done the job before. You'll be sharing accommodation with other Campower staff members who will soon become your new best mates who you get to work with everyday! You could spend your summer doing a similar job at home...but why not do it in an exciting, unique environment where you can meet people from all over the world, share your culture with the camp and experience an American tradition!

When the kids arrive...

As soon as the kids arrive on camp, you'll start a proper daily routine. Kids are what makes the camp really come to life and you have the reward of helping the campers have an amazing summer!  Although you are not as responsible for the kids as the Counsellors are, this is a great opportunity to gain childcare experience as you'll still be interacting with the kids every single day!

Time Off

Your hours are more structured than the Counsellor programme, so you will know exactly when you are working - which is a huge benefit to this programme! During your time off you will be able to get involved with the camp activities and this may even lead to you learning a new skill. A lot of Campower staff return to camp the following summer as a Counsellor, due to the experience they gain in the first year. You can also get involved with the camps evening activities - so you get to enjoy all that summer camp has to offer, without having to look after the kids!



Returner & Brand Manager

Kikii's Experience

"Campower is just as good as being a counsellor, sure your work is behind the scenes but it's an experience of a lifetime. I'm returning as campower because I enjoyed it and still got to join in with activities with campers."


Returner & Brand Manager

Key elements of a Campower's life at camp...


​Structured work hours!

Your time at camp will follow a set routine of working hours for specific periods of the day which frees up the rest of your time to spend however you like!


Don’t miss out on all the fun of camp!

Campower participants are allowed a wealth of time off during camp, during which you’ll have the freedom to try out all the activities and sports on offer!


​No responsibility for the kids!

You’ll have no responsibility to look after the kids which makes camp life considerably more laid back. So if childcare isn’t so much your thing, this programme is for you!


​Gain hands-on experience and develop valuable skills!

Working as a Campower will demonstrate that you’re not afraid to take on new challenges and that you can work effectively as part of a team in a diverse and ever-changing environment.

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