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Our Story

Camp America was established way back in 1969 and is part of a larger organisation called the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)...

The American Institute for Foreign Study

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) was founded in 1964 by Sir Cyril Taylor, GBE. Whilst working at Procter & Gamble, Cyril Taylor met and later married, French Language teacher, Judy Denman. It was when he helped Judy Denman organise an educational trip for her pupils to France, that he came up with the idea of AIFS. Sir Cyril Taylor is the Chairman at AIFS, which is now a leading provider of cultural exchange and educational opportunities for more than 2 million people. With global offices in 15 countries, AIFS organise cultural exchange programmes for more than 50,000 participants each year.

The Camp America concept was born

Senator William Fulbright of Arkansas created the J-1 visa and the camp counselor exchange visitor category which was passed in the Fulbright-Hays Act of 1961. AIFS was in business just five years when they acquired a small programme called “Rural Britannia” in 1969. Changing the name to Camp America, the strongest and most widely recognized brand in the summer camp industry was born.

Camp America Today

Camp America now has offices in Australia, Germany and Poland with head offices in London, UK and Stamford Connecticut, USA. Currently recruiting over 7,000 young people each year from over 25 countries worldwide, Camp America creates a truly international experience that brings all kinds of people together through the power of summer camp.

Our Camps

Working with hundreds of summer camps located all over the USA, Camp America offers a huge range of work placements to everyone. From lively private camps to rewarding special needs camps - whatever your skills or interests, we're bound to have a camp to suit you! For more information about the different types of camps we work with click here


Michelle Morgan

Teaching Fellow in Employability, University of Worcester

What do academics think of Camp America?

"Camp America provides a fantastic avenue for our students to enhance their academic qualifications with real-life skills and experiences. Those students who get involved in Camp America opportunities return back to university motivated and matured from the experience, with invaluable applied application of their theory and knowledge to practical environments."

Michelle Morgan

Teaching Fellow in Employability, University of Worcester

With you every step of the way!

Camp America makes your dream of spending a summer in the USA, a hassle-free reality. Our online application site makes applying easy and once you're in the system, we'll guide through the steps needed to get you to camp.

Expert customer service

We've been around since 1969, so we pride ourselves on being the experts! Our main focus is and always will be our participants. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're supported from the moment you apply, until the moment you land back home after a summer of fun and adventure in the USA! 

We make you part of the family!

Doing Camp America is something that stays with you for life. Wherever you go, you'll find other people that have done it and its great to be part of this family. At Camp America we like to look after our family! Once you've done the programme you'll get access to all our amazing returner deals. You'll also get opportunities to work for Camp America back home, spreading the Camp America love and keeping summer alive all year round!

An award winning company

Take a look at some of the recent awards we are proud to have received...

How Camp America is different

It’s safe to say that we truly care about our participants, just like you care about your students and their future.

Our costs are justified...

We offer participants an all-inclusive programme. This programme fee is broken down into instalments and includes UK to USA flights return, 9 weeks food and accommodation, support from beginning to end plus much more. This means the hassle for planning and paying for flights is all taken care of, meaning that our participants can have a hassle free experience from beginning to end.

We’re an official J1 visa sponsor...

We are listed on the US State Department website as a designated visa sponsor and we are one of the very few companies within this industry that has this sponsorship - so it shows that we are a company you can truly trust. As well as the visa sponsorship, we provide detailed instructions and guidance on how to apply for the J-1 visa and have a designated team on hand to help with any issues regarding visa applications.

50 years’ experience...

We have an experienced and enthusiastic UK office team who are on hand to help applicants from the moment they enquire to the day they return home - and even beyond that!  We also have 200+ Regional Interviewers and 150+ Student Brand Managers, so there are a lot of opportunities to meet someone face to face and hear all about Camp America. Once in the USA, our American team are available 24 hours for our participants and we are renowned within the industry for the assistance we provide.  

You're in good hands...

For many young people, Camp America is likely to be their first independent travel experience. It's a big step jetting off for the summer, not only for participants but for their families as well. This is why we're perfect for first time travellers as along with giving them the confidence to do something amazing on their own, they have us helping them every single step of the way. So if they need us for anything, we're here to help.

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