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"A Message from a Specialist" By Rachel Kay (Liverpool Brand Manager)

Hi, I’m Rachel, I’m a Camp America interviewer in the Warrington/Liverpool/Crewe area (yep, cover a lot of land!) and I was a specialist (and a general for one summer) during my camp summers....

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"It’s not over yet.. Final CD Fair!" by Liverpool Brand Managers

Camp America has had another groundbreaking year at the recruitment fairs and with our last one of the season approaching in London on 20th February...

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"Dear Camp America" by Liverpool Brand Managers

4 years ago in January 2012, I was a fresher in my first year at university. I’ll be honest, travelling had never crossed my mind, let alone the thought of working at a summer camp...

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"How to ace a CA Recruitment Fair" by Liverpool Brand Managers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (no I don’t mean Christmas)!!!!!! That one week where Camp America hit up 3 cities to bring over 160+ camps to you, yes YOU...

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"Girl Scout Camp...What's it all about?" by Liverpool Brand Managers

From the moment I started my Camp America application, I always knew I wanted to go to a Girl Scout Camp! I’ve always been involved in girl guiding and I have a love of the outdoors...

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"Do the things that scare you..." by Liverpool Brand Managers

As many of you will now be well underway with your applications and interviews, and with our recruitment fairs coming up in January (Exciting!) I wanted to offer one golden nugget of advice...

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"This one time at camp" by Liverpool Brand Managers

I found myself dressed as Rapunzel being serenaded by Flynn Ryder at lunch. I ended up in a canoe with two only chinese speaking campers. I found myself sat inside a giant whale...

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"10 reasons we are thankful for Camp America" by Liverpool Brand Managers

Thanksgiving. The American holiday where thanks is given for the harvest and to those around us for the amazing things they do for us day in, day out. This year it is only right to share...

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