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25 May 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Emma - Humans of Camp America (CA Interviewer)

Friends are for life not just for summer...

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24 May 2016  •  Camp America Office Blogs

What Not To Pack!

So last week we gave you the very detailed Camp America packing list and recommendations. Whilst we hope that helped you and answered a lot of questions, we also want to give you some tips on what NOT to pack...

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23 May 2016  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Camp America Bucket List

Check out our bucket list to help you make the most of your summer with Camp America or, if you're thinking about applying in the future, find out a few things that we recommend you do on a summer with Camp America...

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20 May 2016  •  Participant Blog: Keely Raynor

"Camp America Orientation" by Keely Raynor

Hi guys, so this post is all about the Camp America Orientation day I attended a couple of weeks ago in Birmingham. It was around 3 and a half hours long and it was highly insightful...

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18 May 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Arianna - Humans of Camp America (CA Interviewer)

Before camp, I was the type of person that hated the thought of being away from home, and would suffer with homesickness very easily. How I had the courage to apply for Camp America, I do not know...

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10 May 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Holly - Humans of Camp America

The Camp America Summer Camps brochure was something that somehow managed to reach my mums desk all the way back in 2010...

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1 May 2016  •  Participant Blog: Brad Grant

"Entry 1: The Idea" by Brad Grant

Having worked as a Camp America Brand Manager for the past seven months or so, I’ve attended quite a few CA related events...

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