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What you need to know about Christian Camps...

A wide range of summer camps are associated with Christian organisations...

What is a Christian Camp?

Christian camps, along with being traditional summer camps will incorporate faith into camp life though services, Bible Study sessions and activities and will follow Christian values. We work with a large number of Christian camps, some which will be more focused on religion than others and how religious you are will determine which camps we send your application to.

Common Types of Christian Camps

  • YMCA – these are ‘Christian lite’ and although follow a Christian ethos you do not have to be religious to work at one. Activities may include Grace before meals and Christian songs
  • ECCC (Episcopal Camps and Conference Centres) – a group of camps linked with the Episcopal Church. Likely to have some Bible Study sessions and services and more fun activities linked to faith
  • Salvation Army – Faith is likely to be a part of almost every activity at camp and they generally look to hire Christian staff. There will be daily devotionals, services and Bible Study sessions for campers and staff to help explore their faith. They also often work with children from low income backgrounds.

Accommodation, Facilities and Campers

The focus of these camps is on running a fun environment for the staff and campers during the summer whilst supporting their educational, social and spiritual development. You can normally expect lots of traditional summer camp activities such as sports, outdoor adventure, theatre, water activities and lots more! Accommodation will vary depending on the type of Christian camp you attend – although you are most likely to live in a cabin with other staff and campers. Children who attend camp are normally aged between 7-16 and they will come from a variety of different Christian backgrounds. Salvation Army Camps in particular work with low income campers.

Is this the right camp choice for me?

Working on a Christian Camp is just like working at most other camps and if you have a religious background this could be a great match for you! Most Christian camps welcome staff from all walks of life and as long as you have an open mind and are respectful of the camp values then it’s well worth opening your application up to these camps! Check out our Day in the Life experience below and drop us an email at if you have any questions or would like some further information.

I’m Christian and want to work at a Christian Camp...

Yay that’s great to hear - the demand for Christian international staff is very high! Lots of our Christian Camp Directors specifically fly over to London in February to meet and hire international Christian staff in our exclusive Christian Camp Recruitment Fair which is in partnership with the Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Christ and Lutheran camp communities. If this is something you are interested in please contact us at and we can help you move forwards with your application!

Exclusive Christian Camp Recruitment Fair:

On February 24th 2018 we are bringing Christian Camp directors from all over the USA to UK to meet you and hire people on the spot! They are looking for practising Christians and staff who are willing to work in a Christian environment to work on their amazing camps next summer!

Date: Sat 24th Feb 2018
Time: From 9.30am
Location: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster,
London, SW1P 3EE.

Sound interesting? Sign up here or for further information please contact us at



Alison's Salvation Army Christian Camp Experience...

If you are Christian at all I would really encourage you to work at a Christian camp because you learn and grow so much spiritually yourself as well as getting to experience all the amazing perks of working at a summer camp. And it feels very rewarding have an impact like that on a child, to introduce them to God and potentially change their life.

Here's What Your Day Might Look Like On A Christian Camp



If you don’t know the pledge of allegiance, it will become second nature to you after a week! The kids all line up at the flag pole to raise the flag and then it’s time for breakfast which we eat with the campers after singing Grace.



This was held twice a week with our cabin of campers and lead by a fellow counsellor who had a strong knowledge of the Bible. The aim was to make these sessions interactive and we would interpret the stories through dance and theatre, making them accessible for all campers and counsellors no matter how strong they were in their Christian faith. It was a great way to share our Christian values in a fun way!



These filled the rest of our day and campers could chose from lots of different traditional camp activities including soccer, drums, art, music, dance, sports and SO many more! As counsellors we would help run the activities and got to join in with our campers.



Time for a break from the heat and some lunch-we would sing a short Grace before our meal and end with table inspection. We then have 30 minutes of chill out time in our cabins before getting ready for the afternoon!



Our afternoons were packed with more activities and a chance to jump in the lake and cool off! Campers got to go pedal boating and Go Karting and we were with them to make sure they were having the best time at camp!



This was a really special time of the day where everyone comes together from kids, counsellors and support staff to listen to devotions and for a few songs. We could read devotions usually with a set theme such as ‘friendship’ and add more personal touches if we wanted to share or think about something special, we offered the campers to lead this if they wished. Older campers would often discuss personal issues/difficulties and have their fellow campers pray for them.



This was an all-camp activity and always so much fun! We would have activities from real-life games of Cluedo and Battleship to Olympics, Paint Wars and Mud Runs – the crazier the better and something never to be missed!



Curfew for the whole Cabin and Lights Out! Time to get the all important sleep ready to start the day all over again tomorrow!

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