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What's included in the Camp America programme...

We want you to fully understand where your money goes and what you can expect from us.

Support from beginning to end

At Camp America we want all of our participants to have the best experience possible. We are on hand to support you right from this moment and are here to answer any questions you have throughout the process. With offices around the world, your nearest Camp America team will be on hand to help you though your application and will find you a camp placement. Then once that's sorted we'll help you get your visa and arrange your flights. Once you're in the USA, our American  team will provide you with 24 hour support for the entire time you're there - so we really do take care of you from beginning to end! There's a lot that needs to happen to get you to camp for a summer, so trust the experts to get it all sorted for you without any hassle or stress! 

Visa Support

To spend a summer working in the USA you need a J-1 visa. In order to get this visa, a company needs to sponsor you. As the American Embassy knows that we look after our participants, they allow us to sponsor you ourselves. We are listed on the US State Department website as a designated visa sponsor and we are one of the very few companies within this industry that has this sponsorship - so it shows that we are a company you can truly trust. We make the confusing paperwork straightforward and the whole process as easy as we possibly can for you. With 40 years experience in helping participants with their visas - you know you're in safe hands!

Food & Accommodation

For the entire time that you're on camp, all your food and accommodation is taken care of. That's 3 meals a day and a summer home in America! Plus you get to make the most of all the camp activities! So you can spend your summer waterskiing, paddleboarding, rock climbing, abseiling, perhaps even learning the flying trapeze! You get to camp out under the stars, watch the sun set over the lake and wake up to the excitement of a new camp day every single morning! When you think about how much you pay for a week away with your mates, getting to spend your entire summer in a unique and exciting location is a pretty sweet deal!




Orla's Experience...

"After studying for 3 years, I knew I wanted to make my summer worthwhile by doing something that would enhance my CV for future employers. I had heard such positive things about working on a summer camp from friends so did not hesitate in getting my application in early. I did my research on various companies that offered the opportunity to work on a U.S summer camp and immediately Camp America stood out from the rest. Camp America pride themselves on customer service and I can honestly say, they did not disappoint. I was assisted with my application throughout the entire process and knew if I had any questions, a member of the team would be there to help. Camp really opened my eyes and gave me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world, all of which I extremely thankful for!"



What else do you get?

We'll help you get fully prepared for camp and even help with your after camp travel!

Pre-Camp Orientation Events

Before the summer, we run group orientations all across the UK for you to attend. The idea of an Orientation is to spend an afternoon getting you ready and excited for the summer ahead! You'll get to meet other Camp America participants and maybe other people going to the same camp as you! We'll be answering all of your questions, giving you plenty of useful tips, making sure you have a lot of fun and you'll counting down the days until it's time to board that plane!

A perfect camp match!

We've been working with hundreds of camps all across the USA since 1969 - so we have an amazing relationship with them! The camps trust us to find the very best staff for their camp (that's you by the way!) and use us year after year. We work with the most number of camps and place the most participants compered to any other company. All of this means that you can trust us find you the best camp for you!

Travelling After Camp

Although our programme mainly focuses on getting you to camp and having a great time, it can also help you with your after camp travel! Depending on what your plans are once you finish camp, you can get discounted packages with our Camp America Treks and Nanny Australia programmes.

An award winning company

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