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Alumni & Interviewer

Sinead's Advice...

"The Camp America application couldn't be simpler to fill in! I remember first opening my Camp America application and thinking it was a lot to fill in but just take your time! It's not a race to finish, you can always start it and go back! I'd probably recommend doing it that way so you don't miss anything! Your application is your chance to shine so tell the camps everything about your experiences and don't be shy. If you need help with your application, Camp America are always there, whether it's the campus Brand Managers, your interviewer or the office, we have all been in your shoes and can offer advice on how to improve your application!"


Alumni & Interviewer

What does the application process involve?

There are 3 main steps involved in the application process. Register, complete your online application and then attend your interview - easy!

Your Camp America Application

The Camp America application form is all online and is basically a personal profile all about you! Once you register, you'll have an account set up that you can log into and you'll be able to complete it in sections, save it and go back to it. You can tell us all about your hobbies, interests, background and most importantly why you want to spend a summer working on a camp. We'll also ask you about which Camp Types you would feel comfortable working at and when you are available to fly out to the USA!

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Your Camp America Interview

Everyone who applies for the programme must attend a face to face interview with either one of our registered Camp America interviwers or a Camp Director at a Recruitment Fair. All of our interviewers have done the Camp America programme, so they know what you're going through and are there to help make your application look the best it can possibly be!

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