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27 Apr 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Jeppe - Humans of Camp America

My mom went to camp more than 25 years ago. She has been telling stories about her summer at camp since I was a kid...

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26 Apr 2016  •  Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Blogs

Life skills learned at summer camp with kids from different cultures

Growing up in the Kenwood and Evergreen camp community was extremely powerful for me. Over each 7 week period I learned life skills that are skill an important part of my life to this day...

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20 Apr 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Lyam - Humans of Camp America

When I first applied to go to Camp America I had no idea what to expect. I had never been outside of Europe before let alone 3000 miles away...

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19 Apr 2016  •  Participant Blog: Chiron Hooson

"Top 10 Sights to see in Los Angeles" by Chiron Hooson

So with only a few days left until Camp America applications close, I thought I would write another blog about the possible places you can see when travelling...

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13 Apr 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Danny - Humans of Camp America (CA Brand Manager)

There are no words to describe how close you become with people when they are your workmates, roomates and basically your entire life for 8 weeks...

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6 Apr 2016  •  Humans of Camp America

Jen - Humans of Camp America

I worked at Happiness Is Camping which offers children with cancer the chance to have a summer filled with fun and laughter.

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