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26 Jul 2017  • 

Meet our featured blogger Lauren!

Meet Lauren! She has an awesome blog called Explore a Corner, and is one of our new featured bloggers! Let's get to know her a little bit more...

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25 Jul 2017  • 

14 emotions you’ll go through working on a summer camp in the USA!

If you’ve been to camp before, we know you understand the insane amount of emotions you go through over the course of the 9 weeks. It wouldn’t be the best experience of your life without a few challenges and learning opportunities, right? So laugh, cry and relate to the emotions you’ll go through working on a summer camp in the USA!

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10 things you should know about Summer Camp - Lauren Cork-Simpson

Lauren participated on the Camp America programme in 2014, and went to Aloha Camp! Since then, she's graduated, been backpacking and is now on her way to be a TEFL teacher!

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21 Jul 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Helen - Humans of Camp America

Helen spent two incredible summers as a special needs counsellor! Find out how much it impacted her...

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4 Jul 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

14 things you'll only understand if you've been a Brit on a summer camp on 4th July

Have you ever experienced the 4th July at a US Summer Camp? If so, read on because we think you’ll agree with this one…

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