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20 Apr 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Jodie - Humans of Camp America

I went to camp five years ago and in that time I've met up with multiple camp friends on multiple occasions...

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18 Apr 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

The Top 10 Beaches in the USA.

We all love a day or two (or 7) relaxing on the beach, when we do head we want the best experiences with the cleanest beaches and clearest waters. It was hard to choose, but here are 10 of the best beaches in the USA!

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11 Apr 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

15 Travel Videos to Fuel Your Excitement for After Camp Travel

As camp draws closer, many of you will be thinking about your travel plans for after camp. So we scoured YouTube for some American travel videos to get you excited for your summer travels ahead.

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4 Apr 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

20 Travel Apps for Your Camp America Summer!

We found you some of the best apps for your travels to America this summer! From creating beautiful pictures to make your mates jealous back home, to finding the nearest toilet! We've got your summer covered with these 20 apps!

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4 Apr 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Colin - Humans of Camp America

Hi, my name is Colin, I am Jamaican and I attended The Salvation Army Eagle Crest Camp for the past two years as a Camp Counsellor, and summer 2017 will be my third year...

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