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23 Mar 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

10 Movies or TV Shows to Watch About Summer Camp, While You're Social Distancing!

Need something to watch while you're stuck at home? Don't worry, we have you covered with some staple Camp movies, and some quirkier camp shows, to keep you entertained!

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6 Mar 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Camp Empowers Young Women

I grew up in the noughties, before smart phones and Instagram and I still had a multitude of pressures and insecurities, like most teenage girls do. With the rise of social media, I can’t even imagine how much pressure young teenage girls must feel now.

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27 Feb 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

5 Reasons why signing up for Camp America is the best thing you will ever do!

Hey, you, as you either sit down to complete your next assignment, or even if you are just stumbling across this blog for things to do this summer, don’t worry we here at Camp America have got you covered! So, if you have not already, here are 5 reasons to start your application today for the best summer of your life!

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2 Feb 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

5 Reasons to watch the Super Bowl this year

It's that time of the year again, it is Super Bowl season baby! This time round the San Francisco 49ers face the Kansas City Chiefs, in what promises to be one of the most entertaining Super Bowl’s in years!

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30 Jan 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Dolly Parton “get you a woman who can do it all” challenge

With everyone jumping on the Dolly Parton “get you a woman who can do it all” challenge, we thought we would let you know why participating in Camp America, is also good for all these platforms and when we say ALL we mean LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and tinder…

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20 Jan 2020  • 

A Camp America Recruitment Fair FAQ!

Here it is.... Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a Camp America Recruitment Fair!

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18 Dec 2019  • 

British Christmas traditions that Americans just wouldn't understand..

Sending 8,000+ young people to live and work at camp each summer proves that America wins on the summer scene...however, it’s fair to say they have some tough competition when it comes to Christmas.

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4 Oct 2019  • 

10 signs you should return to camp

It’s that time of year, guys. You’re struggling to adjust with the real world, you’re still crying yourself to sleep because camp is over and you’ve had your mouse hovering over the ‘apply’ button to submit your returner application for weeks now. We’ve been there – it sucks. So we’ve come to offer our assistance…

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14 Aug 2019  • 

5 reasons why you shouldn't worry about results day

Results day is looming and we’ve all been there. The anxiety, stress and nerves of opening that envelope is crazy overwhelming as the contents inside determine your fate for the rest of your life. Except it doesn’t. We’re here to tell you that no matter how much you might think otherwise, your results do not define you and there is world of opportunity out there for you to explore regardless!

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26 Jun 2019  •  Camp America Office Blogs

The start of my Camp America journey

Follow our participant Aaron on his adventure at Camp Turner this summer!

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3 Jun 2019  • 

Top 5 cities to visit in America this summer

From the bright lights of Vegas and New York, the music loving cities of Nashville and New Orleans, to the sandy beaches of Miami and San Diego, it’s fair to say you won’t be short of opportunities when travelling the US. Each city is ultimately a world of its own, waiting for you to explore!

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