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13 Feb 2018  • 

Finding Love at Camp!

You're in a camp bubble for 9 weeks with the same awesome people. It's inevitable - people are going to get close and some may even fall in love! This Valentine's day we've got lots of great stories about people who found their perfect match on camp. Enjoy, and remember; that could be you next year!

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2 Feb 2018  • 

10 things that'll happen during the 2018 Super Bowl

It's one of the most watched TV programmes every year, and it's back on Sunday! Check out 10 things that no matter where you're watching, will inevitably happen during the 2018 Super Bowl...

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11 Jan 2018  • 

Harry - Humans of Camp America

Harry got placed at one of our Recruitment Fairs and spent a summer as a sports counsellor at Camp Awosting! Here is his story...

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6 Jan 2018  • 

Luke - Humans of Camp America

Lewis spent last summer at Camp Red Leaf as a Special Needs counsellor, and can't wait to return next year!

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5 Jan 2018  • 

A Camp America Recruitment Fair FAQ!

Here it is.... Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a Camp America Recruitment Fair!

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29 Nov 2017  • 

Jade - Humans of Camp America

Jade spent the summer of 2017 at a special needs camp called Camp Merry Heart! She had the time of her life. Check out her story...

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29 Nov 2017  • 

A Camp Counsellor Christmas list!

Check out our very own Christmas List for that current or future Camp Counsellor in your life…

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27 Nov 2017  • 

Katie - Humans of Camp America

Katie spent the summer of 2017 working as a Dance and Digital Arts counsellor at Independent Lake Camp! Check out her story...

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13 Nov 2017  • 

5 things to do if you didn’t get placed at our Recruitment Fair

No placement at our Leeds and Birmingham Recruitment Fair? No worries! Check out the 5 things to do to ensure a summer of a lifetime with Camp America next summer.

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7 Nov 2017  • 

Arianna's Recruitment Fair Top Tips!

Want to do Camp America this summer like I did? Get your summer sorted in a single day at the Camp America Recruitment Fairs this weekend! This blog should answer all your questions about the fairs...

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6 Nov 2017  • 

Alex - Humans of Camp America

Alex worked at Camp Sonshine in 2017 as a general counsellor and has just begun working in our London office on our Christian Outreach programme! Check out his story...

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30 Oct 2017  • 

9 reasons Americans do Halloween better than Brits

If you didn't already know, you'll realise after this blog post that Halloween is an event to be taken extremely seriously in the USA...

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