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4 Jul 2017  • 

14 things you'll only understand if you've been a Brit on a summer camp on 4th July

Have you ever experienced the 4th July at a US Summer Camp? If so, read on because we think you’ll agree with this one…

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29 Jun 2017  • 

5 things to do whilst you wait for applications to open

Counting down the days until you can register for 2018? So are we! Check out some of our top tips whilst you wait...

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27 Jun 2017  • 

10 things to do in San Francisco

If you’re thinking about heading to San Francisco this summer, you have the right idea! It’s one of our favourite cities and after reading this blog you’ll soon realise why..

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22 Jun 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Cieran - Humans of Camp America

Cieran is heading back to URJ Camp Harlam for his second summer...

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20 Jun 2017  • 

10 things to do in NYC

Every week this summer we will be bringing you all the best recommendations in some of our favourite cities in the US! So, grab your mates, get excited and start planning your incredible post-camp travels.

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15 Jun 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Amie - Humans of Camp America

Amie worked at Elks Camp Moore in 2016 and is returning to a new Special Needs Camp this year, Camp Hemlocks..

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13 Jun 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

10 Instagram accounts to show you what camp life is REALLY like!

Wondering if camp really looks like it does on the Parent Trap, or whether most counsellors spend their days singing songs and wearing fancy dress? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

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9 Jun 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Anna - Humans of Camp America

My name is Anna and I am from Riga in Latvia! I worked it Camp Timberlane in Ohio this year & I was a counselor...

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7 Jun 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Craig - Humans of Camp America

Camp stays with me today, not only from the memories I have and reflect on often, or the friendships I made, or the challenges faced that I thought I'd never have to face...

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25 May 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Jorge - Humans of Camp America

I worked three summers at YMCA Camp Duncan between 2013-2015; both as a counsellor and as a member of management...

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4 May 2017  •  Participant Blog: Carys Tellyn


…Aaand… she’s back! It has been a while since I’ve got a blog out to you guys, quite simply because I haven’t had anything to write, until now! Let me catch you up!

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20 Apr 2017  •  Humans of Camp America

Jodie - Humans of Camp America

I went to camp five years ago and in that time I've met up with multiple camp friends on multiple occasions...

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