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Planning your travels...

After camp it's completely up to you if you want to take some time to stay in America and travel, however we definitely recommend that you plan some time to explore!

How it works

Your after camp travel is completely independent, so it's up to you where you go, what you do and how long of the 30 days you travel for. Most Camp America participants will go out to America with a rough idea of the places they want to visit in the USA, but this can always change when you get to camp and you make friends. We recommend that you take some time to travel with your camp mates, stay with your new America friends and if you want to make sure you see the very best of the USA, then book onto a pre-organised Camp America Trek!

Your American friends

After spending your summer working with Americans, you're going to have to best people on hand to help you plan your travels! Make sure you ask them for their tips of places to visit, cheapest travel options and those hidden gems that only a local person would know. On top of all of that don't be surprised if they offer to put you up for a couple of nights! They'll be excited to show you off to their friends and they'll be the best people to show you around!

Flexible Flights

To help you make the most of your travel time, Camp America offer the option of upgrading your return flight to a flexible flight option. This means you don't have to pick a return date or destination until you're out in the USA - so you're not restricting yourself or at risk of missing out! Our flexible flight options (London departures only) give you the chance to fly from most major airports around the US and you don't need to select your flight until 2 weeks before you want to leave!

Travelling outside of North America

The visa that you will have allows you to travel inside the United States of America only. When you're planning your after camp travel it may be tempting to visit places such as Canada or Mexico but we strongly advise that you don't do this whilst on your J-1 Visa. Once you leave the USA your visa technically becomes invalid and even if you're just planning a visit before catching your flight back home, you may face difficulties when trying to re-enter America.

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