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29 Nov 2017  • 

Jade - Humans of Camp America

Jade spent the summer of 2017 at a special needs camp called Camp Merry Heart! She had the time of her life. Check out her story...

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29 Nov 2017  • 

A Camp Counsellor Christmas list!

Check out our very own Christmas List for that current or future Camp Counsellor in your life…

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27 Nov 2017  • 

Katie - Humans of Camp America

Katie spent the summer of 2017 working as a Dance and Digital Arts counsellor at Independent Lake Camp! Check out her story...

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13 Nov 2017  • 

5 things to do if you didn’t get placed at our Recruitment Fair

No placement at our Recruitment Fair? No worries! Check out the 5 things to do to ensure a summer of a lifetime with Camp America next summer.

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7 Nov 2017  • 

Arianna's Recruitment Fair Top Tips!

Want to do Camp America this summer like I did? Get your summer sorted in a single day at the Camp America Recruitment Fairs this weekend! This blog should answer all your questions about the fairs...

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6 Nov 2017  • 

Alex - Humans of Camp America

Alex worked at Camp Sonshine in 2017 as a general counsellor and has just begun working in our London office on our Christian Outreach programme! Check out his story...

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