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What you need to know about Single Gender Camps...

Single gender camps are pretty self explanatory, but it's important to know a bit more about them...

What is a Single Gender Camp?

This will be a camp that caters for a Single Gender of campers - it's as simple as that! Single Gender Camps will also fall under another Camp Type, so for example you could work at a boys only Underprivileged Camp or an all girls Private Camp - so this category applies to lots of different camps in the USA! Girls only camps are not the same as Girl Scout Camps though - so make sure you check out the Girl Scout section too.

Accommodation & Facilities

Accomodation and facilities on these camps will depend on what other 'Camp Type' it falls under. As Counsellors are needed to share accomodation with the campers, these camps will look to hire Counsellors of the same sex as the campers. However, it's not unusual for these camps to hire Specialist Counsellors or Campower staff of the opposite sex, as they won't be in the bunks with the campers.

The Campers

The campers will vary depending on the type of Single Gender Camp it is however you can guarantee that the campers will all be of the same gender. They will be aged between 6-16 years old and will come from anywhere in the US and even overseas.

Applying for a Single Gender Camp

Being open to working on a Single Gender Camp will increase your placement chances, as there are lots of Single Gender Camps in the USA. If you have experience with organisations such as Boy's Brigade, Cub Scouts, Brownie's or Girl Guides, then you should definitely consider it! On your Camp America application, you will be able to tell us if you are interested in working at this type of camp.




Michael's Boy's Camp Experience...

"Working at a small camp for underprivileged boys was something that I hadn't considered when applying for Camp America but as soon as I arrived I was completely in love with camp. It’s a camp that has been positively shaping the futures of campers in a unique environment unplugged from the modern world for over 100 years and to be a part of that tradition is an honour. Seeing the boys mature over the years in to respectable young men fills me with a real sense of pride. That along with the lifelong friends I have made each summer make it hard to sum up how much camp has impacted my life. It's an experience I will forever be grateful for."



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