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British English vs American English

By Camp America on 14/04/2020

There are words and sayings that are common in the UK, that are said or mean something completely different in the US and discovering these can be quite a comical experience, especially at camp!

Here are a list of most commonly confused British words, and the corresponding word Americans will relate too! You can thank us later...

(British in bold, American in italic)

Mum – Mom

Swimming costume/Cozzie – Swimsuit

Bobble – Hair tie

Wellies – Rainboots

Lift - Elevator 

Peckish - Hungry

Mad - Crazy/Insane

Bin – Trash Can

Chips – Fries

Crisps – Chips

Dungarees - Overalls

Pavement - Sidewalk

Car Park – Parking lot

Indicator - Blinker

Takeaway - Takeout

Woodlouse – Roly Poly/Pillbug

Trainers – Sneakers

High Street - Main Street 

City Centre - Downtown

Joggers/Tracksuit bottoms – Sweatpants

Jumper – Sweater

Postbox – Mail

Cinema – Movie Theatre

Corgette - Zucchini

Film – Movie

Jam – Jelly

Jelly – Jello

Lolly/Ice lolly – Popsicle 

Holiday – Vacation

Zebra crossing - crosswalk

Candyfloss – Cotton Candy

Christmas/Easter – Holiday

Biscuit – Cookie 

Torch – Flashlight

Plaster – Band Aid

Tap – Faucet 

Queue – Line

Rubber – Eraser

Trousers – Pants

Motorway – High way

Flat - Apartment

Aubergine - Egg plant

Full stop - Period

Bonnet - Hood (car)

Boot - Trunk

Sweets – Candy

Taxi – Cab

Fizzy Drink – Soda

How many of you have experienced this yourselves? Are there any other words you’ve come across that are different in America? Let us know! 

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