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5 things to do whilst you wait for applications to open

By Camp America on 29/06/2017

Counting down the days until you can register for 2019? So are we! Check out some of our top tips whilst you wait...

Here at Camp America HQ, we understand that waiting for applications to open can be a frustrating time! We’ve all been there ourselves, and whether you’ve waited 3 years to apply or you’ve just come across the programme now, we can promise you that the wait is most definitely worth it. 

The next couple of weeks will fly by, and before you know it you’ll be on our website filling out all your skills and showing yourself off – eek! But whilst you wait for that day, here’s a couple of ways you can kill some time and make sure you’re completely prepared for the application process ahead.

1. Start planning your application

During our application process, we’ll ask you to list any skills that you have. The list of activities you can teach at camp are endless, so why don’t you make a list now of what makes you stand out? There’s something for everyone at camp, so get jotting down your skills and don’t forget to sell yourself! The more detail you have, the better! 

2. Make a video

We know that once the schools and universities go back, you’ll be super busy with work and hobbies that you may not find time to make an awesome video. Well, now is the chance! Camp Directors LOVE videos and they’re a fantastic way to show off your personality. Make use of the summer holidays and get prepped early. The sooner you get your application finished, the quicker we can get you placed. Check out our tips on making the perfect application video here.

3. Gain some more experience

If you’re keen on applying but you’re not sure you have enough childcare experience or skills, it’s definitely not too late to gain some! You could try volunteering at a local school, a Brownies/Scouts club, or even just putting a few more hours into your favourite activity. Remember, you don’t go to camp until May/June 2018 so there is lots of for you to keep improving your application and get you ready to be the best counsellor ever.

4. Follow our Story Tellers

We want to show all our applicants the real, unfiltered camp experience. And what better way to do that than by following people who are at camp right now? Camp America Story Tellers will be documenting their journey over social media all summer. You can check them all out here. So follow, subscribe and remember that next year, that’ll be YOU!

5. Get in touch!

It’s normal to have lots of questions, and we want you to feel as prepared as you can. We’re available whenever you need us, and we’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions about the programme, you can email us at [email protected], call us on 0207 581 7373 or even drop us a tweet at @campamerica69

Applications open in just a couple weeks and we can’t wait for yours! 

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