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15 Travel Videos to Fuel Your Excitement for After Camp Travel

By Camp America on 11/04/2017

As camp draws closer, many of you will be thinking about your travel plans for after camp. So we scoured YouTube for some American travel videos to get you excited for your summer travels ahead.

1. TysonTravel: My Contiki USA Road Trip


2. Vagabrothers: Perfect Day in Venice Beach California

3. CampAmerica: Josh's Camp Vlog | Nashville


4. HighOnLife: Top 10 American Cities


5. PopsLastFiascoRun: Hawaii Part Two.


6. BenBrown: New York is Awesome!


7. Jakub Kalina: USA Roadtrip 2016

8. Fay Abigail: Miami, New Orleams & San Francisco

9. Mike Corey: USA Road Trip - East Coast

10. Fun For Louis: Starting the Road Trip

11. HeyNadine: A Day in New York


12. Liam Wing: Camp America Trek NYC - San Fran


13. Jack's Gap: 24 Hours in New Orleans

14. Michal Kafara: Amazing 28 Day USA Road Trip


15. Devinsupertramp: Slip and Slide in Butler, OH

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