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Colin - Humans of Camp America

By Camp America on 04/04/2017

Hi, my name is Colin, I am Jamaican and I attended The Salvation Army Eagle Crest Camp for the past two years as a Camp Counsellor, and summer 2017 will be my third year...

Yayy! I Chose to apply through CA because it is the best organization and I’d heard so many great things about them, upon applying with CA I soon realised that it was an experience in itself, due to the wonderful staff that CA have on their team.

From the first day I arrived, Camp was phenomenal as expected! There was Fun, Food, and Fellowship all day every day and I truly feel blessed for having had the chance to go. One of my favorite aspects of camp is that there are people from all walks of life/cultures/countries and you can come together as a team to make a difference in so many children’s lives. Meeting these people has helped shape a brighter future for me in the sense that it has opened my eyes to a greater world of adventure and opportunities in the world. Camp is much more than just a job it’s about learning how to add value to people each day and that will in turn be a blessing for you.

The friends I have made at camp are truly for life! Camp friends are different from other friends because whilst at camp you’re in such a close-knit team that you can meet someone two years later and it is like you have never been apart. I would definitely recommend the CA programme to others because it is a great cultural experience and what I would call an “EPIC” movement; 


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