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29 Sep 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

5 reasons why camp is for EVERYONE!

When we say camp is for everyone, we really do mean it! Whether you're the next Banksy, Mary Poppins or Bear Grylls, there's a place for you at camp and we're hear to tell you why a summer at camp is the ideal opportunity for YOU...

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15 Sep 2020  • 

7 types of people camp is also for...

Everyone knows that camp is for the sporty guys, the outdoor adventurers, the super outgoing types, and the ones with lots of childcare experience. But did you know that camp is also for…

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18 Aug 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

6 reasons Camp America is an affordable gap year option

Results days have been and gone, it has been a really tricky year and maybe you're left wondering "what shall I do?". If you’re thinking about taking a gap year, let us tell you - make Camp America part of it! Even if a gap year isn't on the cards, Camp America is the perfect summer filler between university!! A summer at camp can be one of the cheapest ways to have the time of your life exploring the world. Here’s 6 reasons why..

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12 Aug 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

How one summer at camp will give you the best results of your life!

Results day is here and for many, it’s one of the most nerve wracking days of the year! You think that the contents of that envelope (or email in these circumstances) are what will define you for the rest of your life…but it doesn’t. There’s a great big world out there FULL of opportunities for you to explore and we’re here to tell you how a summer at camp can give you some of the best results of your life…results that aren’t just a letter or number!!

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9 Jul 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Why working at camp is the best job you'll ever have!

“From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” This is the best quote to describe camp life, but we are going to try explain just how amazing camp is!

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29 Jun 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

The Camp America experience, in 50 GIFS

Ever wondered what the full Camp America experience is like? Well look no further than the journey shown in 50 GIFS.

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5 Jun 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Why summer camp will be more important than ever before

As the world is currently faced with such unimaginable circumstances, it's important to remember this is not forever, and when things start returning to 'normal', summer camps will be needed more than ever before!

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6 May 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

You know you've worked on a summer camp when...

20 things only those who've worked on a summer camp will understand!

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27 Apr 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

5 mind games to occupy boredom!

You watched the instagram live and took part yourselves, now cure your boredom and put your family members brains to work and have fun watching them try work out some of our favourite mind games! Perfect entertainment whilst being in lockdown, and perfect games to take with you to camp!

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14 Apr 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

British English vs American English

There are words and sayings that are common in the UK, that are said or mean something completely different in the US and discovering these can be quite a comical experience, especially at camp!

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23 Mar 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

10 Movies or TV Shows to Watch About Summer Camp, While You're Social Distancing!

Need something to watch while you're stuck at home? Don't worry, we have you covered with some staple Camp movies, and some quirkier camp shows, to keep you entertained!

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6 Mar 2020  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Camp Empowers Young Women

I grew up in the noughties, before smart phones and Instagram and I still had a multitude of pressures and insecurities, like most teenage girls do. With the rise of social media, I can’t even imagine how much pressure young teenage girls must feel now.

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