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4 Oct 2019  • 

10 signs you should return to camp

It’s that time of year, guys. You’re struggling to adjust with the real world, you’re still crying yourself to sleep because camp is over and you’ve had your mouse hovering over the ‘apply’ button to submit your returner application for weeks now. We’ve been there – it sucks. So we’ve come to offer our assistance…

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14 Aug 2019  • 

5 reasons why you shouldn't worry about results day

Results day is looming and we’ve all been there. The anxiety, stress and nerves of opening that envelope is crazy overwhelming as the contents inside determine your fate for the rest of your life. Except it doesn’t. We’re here to tell you that no matter how much you might think otherwise, your results do not define you and there is world of opportunity out there for you to explore regardless!

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26 Jun 2019  •  Camp America Office Blogs

The start of my Camp America journey

Follow our participant Aaron on his adventure at Camp Turner this summer!

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3 Jun 2019  • 

Top 5 cities to visit in America this summer

From the bright lights of Vegas and New York, the music loving cities of Nashville and New Orleans, to the sandy beaches of Miami and San Diego, it’s fair to say you won’t be short of opportunities when travelling the US. Each city is ultimately a world of its own, waiting for you to explore!

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14 May 2019  • 

Top 5 National Parks to visit in America this summer!

With 50 states on offer, there is SO much to see and do in the USA that your 30-days of post-camp travel are guaranteed to be jam packed with adventure!

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23 Apr 2019  • 

Dane - Humans of Camp America

Dane spent last summer at Pali Adventures Summer Camp! Check out his story...

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29 Mar 2019  • 

Sending our mums camp song lyrics!

This Mothers day, our team decided to text their mum's lyrics from camp songs. This is how it went...

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19 Mar 2019  • 

What do I pack for camp?

Camp is only a few months away! It's time to get your suitcase or backpack out of the loft, dig out your summer clothes and start packing for the best summer you'll ever have.

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13 Feb 2019  • 

Camp America Valentines Day

We asked our alumni if they had any stories of falling in love at camp, and we got so many incredible responses! Check out these amazing stories of people finding their perfect match through Camp America.

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29 Jan 2019  • 

Rachel - Humans of Camp America

Rachel got hired at our Salvation Army Recruitment Fair! Here is her story...

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29 Jan 2019  • 

Rhiannon - Humans of Camp America

Rhiannon spent an incredible 4 years at Camp Lee Mar! Here is her story...

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