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27 Oct 2017  • 

10 signs you should return to camp

It’s that time of year, guys. You’re struggling to adjust with the real world, you’re still crying yourself to sleep because camp is over and you’ve had your mouse hovering over the ‘apply’ button to submit your returner application for weeks now. We’ve been there – it sucks. So we’ve come to offer our assistance…

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25 Oct 2017  • 

Toni - Humans of Camp America

Toni was a Fitness Specialist at Green Chimneys last summer! Check out her story...

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12 Oct 2017  • 

Luke - Humans of Camp America

Luke went to Camp Starlight, one of the camps at our Leeds & Birmingham Recruitment Fairs! Check out his story!

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4 Oct 2017  • 

Chloe - Humans of Camp America

Chloe worked at a Girl Scout camp, Camp Runels in 2016! Check out her awesome story...

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14 Sep 2017  • 

10 things that happen when you come home from camp

We all know that camp life is incomparable to the real world. Therefore, once you step off that plane there a lot of things that your friends just don't understand! Check out 10 things that happen when you get home from camp...

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11 Sep 2017  • 

Jamie - Humans of Camp America

Jamie is one of our Camp America Brand Managers this year! Hear the awesome way working on a special needs camp changed his life...

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11 Sep 2017  •  Camp America Office Blogs

Meet the CA Team: Maddie

Meet Maddie! She's worked in the Camp America London office since 2013, and her favourite place in the world is Disney World!

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24 Aug 2017  • 

8 signs that Camp America changed your life!

If you’re reading this blog post, I believe I’ll put you into the following categories; You worked at a summer camp.. You want to work at a summer camp.. You’re my mum. If you don’t fall into one, I’ll bet you one friendship bracelet and a whole pack of double stuffed Oreos that you’ll slide nicely into number 2 once this blog post is over.

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15 Aug 2017  • 

Tash - Humans of Camp America

Tash gained so many life skills at camp that helped her towards her future career. Check out her story...

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15 Aug 2017  • 

Nicky - Humans of Camp America

At 16 I was a grade A student. I had enjoyed high school but then I started to lose interest. My school announced it was closing in the next few years, so all the teachers started to leave. I had no idea what I wanted to study in sixth form. So, after a year and much to horror of my teachers and family, I left and went to work instead.

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14 Aug 2017  • 

5 reasons why you shouldn't worry about results day

Results day is looming and we’ve all been there. The anxiety, stress and nerves of opening that envelope is crazy overwhelming as the contents inside determine your fate for the rest of your life. Except it doesn’t. We’re here to tell you that no matter how much you might think otherwise, your results do not define you and there is world of opportunity out there for you to explore regardless!

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8 Aug 2017  • 

Andrew - Humans of Camp America

Andrew (second right) went to Camp Laurelwood in 2000 with his friend Steve (first left) and had the experience of a lifetime!

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