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The President



A friend of mine told me about Camp America in my first year of University, I did a bit of research into it and knew 
straight away that it was something I had to take part in. I wanted to gain more experience working with children 
whilst teaching sports. I knew that by working at camp, I would be able to gain many transferable skills, which would benefit me in my future career. 

At Camp, my main responsibility was to lead the sports programme. This consisted of planning and delivering up to 6 sessions of various sports such as Rounders, Rugby, Football and other fun physical activities such as capture the flag. 
This linked directly into my degree and allowed me to put into practice all the theory knowledge I had gained. My experience at camp was unreal. The people I met, quickly turned into friends for life and made the two summers I worked at camp unforgettable. 

I have always known that I wanted to work within the sports sector and my role at camp played a key part in helping me figure out what this role would be. The experience of working at camp for two summers and also studying at Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania gave me the confidence to run in the elections to become the Students' Union President at my 
University. I was successfully elected and became student president at Plymouth Marjon University. With all 
of this experience under my belt, I am now aspiring to become a Director of Sport. 


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