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Fifty years later

...our cultural exchange programme has grown significantly and we now send thousands of young people every year, to work at summer camps and travel America. Throughout 2019 Camp America will be celebrating our fifty-year anniversary.

Mark Michaelmoore was on the first ever Camp America flight in 1969 and was placed in New Hampshire. “I didn’t really know what to expect to be honest,” he explains. “Someone had come to our college, telling us about this opportunity to travel to America and teach kids for the summer and I thought it would be a really exciting experience. I had an incredible time and have some amazing memories, including sitting at camp and watching the space launch to the moon!”

Camp America has grown year-on-year and has even had some well-known participants including; TV personality Judge Rinder, actors Jason Isaacs and Shaun Williamson, Apprentice participant Kayode Damali, comedians Richard Hemming and Steve Bugeja, boxer Jackson Williams and British adventurer Sir David Hempleman-Adams MBE OBE. Camp America now has offices in Australia, Germany, Poland, London and America and recruits over 8,000 young people every year from 25 countries worldwide; creating a truly international experience that brings people together through the power of summer camp.

A word from our Senior VP...

“We’re incredibly excited and proud to celebrate our 50th Anniversary”, explains Janet Henniker Talle, Senior Vice President of Camp America. “The summer camp programme is such a positive opportunity for young people; to experience another culture, work hard, have fun and explore the States. We’ve had an amazing 50 years and we are proud we’ve remained relevant, in the ever-changing youth market, for fifty years!”


Jon Mercer

Programme Co-ordinator for Outdoor Education, South Devon College

What do academics think of Camp America?

"Camp America has been a fantastic experience for those who have gone, they come back so enthused with life! Working with such a diverse range of people in beautiful locations provides memories that last forever and help develop those essential skills to work with and understanding people supporting development as an outdoor instructor"

Jon Mercer

Programme Co-ordinator for Outdoor Education, South Devon College

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