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1 - The Jewish Camp America Programme

Jewish Camp America / Camp America is part of the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS (UK) Ltd) (business address is 37 Queen’s Gate, London, SW7 5HR, +44 207 581 7373).  Camp America does not own any camps.  As a first time applicant your camp will pay Camp America a fee which covers agency sponsorship, administrative fees, SEVIS fee & flight contribution (fee will not exceed $2089 - not including US domestic flight charges and SEVIS fee).  As a returner, your camp is billed a SEVIS fee and flight costs (if you opt to take a Camp America flight).

2 - Terms of Application

Jewish Camp America is opened to all bona fide Jewish Camp America applicants who list "Jewish" as their religion on their Camp America application form.  Each applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • List Jewish as your religion on your application form
  • List Jewish Education as one of your skills
  • Select level of Jewish camp you are willing to work at

3 -Services provided by Jewish Camp America

a) Placement
Assist you in completing your application (via face to face interview) and, subject to acceptance onto the programme make your application available to USA Jewish camps searching for staff.  Placements are made in according to suitability of availability dates, skills and experience.  All Jewish applicants who meet all of these terms and conditions will be guaranteed a position at a Jewish summer camp. There is no set time period for when a placement will be found and applicants must be patient during the placement procedure.

b) Camp America will provide one to one access to a Camp America representative in regard to a camp placement as well as assist in all aspect of the application and post placement procedure.

All members of Jewish Camp America will receive all services provided by Camp America as detailed in the Camp America Terms and Conditions (

4 - Jewish Applicants to Jewish Camp America

All member of Jewish Camp America must:

a) Be willing to work on a US Jewish children's summer camp
b) Accept that Jewish Camp America cannot guarantee friends and family will be placed at the same camp
c) Be available to travel to the USA no later than June 20. 
d) Be available to work on a US Jewish Summer camp for no less than a nine week commitment
e) Apply for a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) police record check and have no previous criminal issues
f) Provide acceptable contact details for at least 2 character referees
e) Provide a clear medical disclosure

Jewish Camp America is part of the Camp America programmes and all participants must meet all general terms and conditions of Camp America as detailed in the Camp America Terms and Conditions (

5 - Ability to offer Placement may be affected

Any member of Jewish Camp America will forfeit their right to a guaranteed placement or a confirmed placement if:

a) You fail to submit all required documentation (i.e. medical forms and visa application) in the required time period
b) You change your date of availability to a date later than June 20.
c) You fail to disclose any criminal history on your application form that later is reported on the required police check or if you partake in any alleged criminal activities after your application has been accepted
d)  You fail to disclose any medical history on your application form that is later reported on the required medical form completed by your GP.  You fail to update Jewish Camp America of any change to your medical condition after your application has been accepted.
e) You fail to apply for the US J1 Cultural Exchange Visa in London in a timely manner that will allow you to secure your visa in time for your departure date to the USA.
f) You provide false information on your Camp America application form, including skills, employment and education history.
g) You reject a confirmed placement at a Jewish camp type that you stated you would be happy to work at, you will forfeit a your guaranteed placement status.  JCA will make all attempts to place you a different Jewish camp but it will no longer be guaranteed.

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