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Want to Be a Sports Counselor?

Spend your summer sharing and teaching the sport you love at a summer camp in the USA. From archery to football, summer camps are always on the lookout for specialists.

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What Does a Sports Counselor Do?

American summer camps offer a huge range of sports for campers which means there’s a big need for sports activity specialists. As a sports counselor you will spend each day of the summer helping kids to learn and develop their skills and confidence in your particular sport. You’ll be stationed in a particular area of camp and will work with different groups throughout the day. In the evenings and at mealtimes you might also share responsibilities with the general camp counselors.

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Skills & Experience

  • Sports

    You can teach the following sports at camp:

    • Archery
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Fencing
    • Football
    • Gaga (after a summer at camp you’ll know what this means…)
    • Golf
    • Gymnastics
    • Hockey
    • Lacrosse
    • Martial Arts
    • Pickle Ball
    • Soccer
    • Tennis
    • Volleyball

    Be aware that some sports are more in demand than others. If you play a sport that’s not on the list above (or our other camp job pages), it’s unlikely you’ll find a job placement teaching it.

    Make sure you check out our other sports counselor jobs for Water Sports, Land Action Sports, Fitness, Horse Riding and Outdoor & Adventure for more action-packed and sporty camp jobs.

  • Coaching

    To work as a Sports Counselor, coaching experience or qualifications in your sport is essential. For example, to specialise in coaching Soccer at camp, an FA Level 1 coaching qualification (or above) or a wealth of coaching experience will look great as part of your application.

  • Childcare

    Even though you’re an activity specialist, you’ll still likely have counselor duties when you’re not teaching or taking your time off. Any childcare experience can be great to include in your application. As a counselor your duties will include waking campers up in the mornings, joining in with mealtimes and evening activities and then making sure they go to bed at night. You’ll be keeping them organised and safe, making sure they listen to instructions (and follow them…) and also serving as a key source of fun and entertainment throughout the day!

  • Enthusiasm & a Fun-Loving Attitude

    As well as finding talented individuals who can help campers to improve in certain sports, Camp Directors are looking for Sports Counselors who can make sure their campers enjoy the best summer ever.

    By approaching every day and every activity with enthusiasm and fun, you’ll make sure your campers feel the same way too. They’ll be much more willing to step out of their own comfort zones and embrace new experiences, especially if they’re first-time campers who might already be feeling a bit unsure or nervous.

  • Communication

    From sunrise to lights out, you’re likely talking to someone, somewhere. From your campers themselves, to other counselors and staff members, you’re going to need your communication skills to be in tip-top shape.

    With the campers, you need to be able to strike the balance between understanding and following rules and expectations, and creating incredible memories of one of the best summers they’ll ever have. Although, remember communication isn’t just about talking - you’ll need to actively listen to any problems or concerns, and make sure campers feel valued and heard.

    With other counselors and staff members, you’ll also be building a network of hugely supportive relationships at camp, and likely developing new friendships you’ll have for years and years to come. Communication becomes one of the most important aspects of the teamwork you’ll need to make sure each day runs smoothly.

  • Patience

    You’re going to spend a minimum of 9 weeks working with kids of varying ages at camp. They’re going to be excited and energetic, and you just wait until the sugar in those s’mores hits their system!

    Patience is a hugely valuable skill to have in your remit. By being patient you’ll be able to let the campers express themselves to their fullest, all the while retaining control, maintaining the fun and being as supportive as you possibly can. When a challenge arises, patience can help you navigate it with ease.

  • Flexibility

    Camp life and kids are unpredictable, so having some flexibility is going to help you out a lot in daily camp life. Joining this together with some problem-solving skills, you’ll be able to navigate plenty of tricky situations.

    From changes to the schedule, handling bad weather or dealing with unexpected events, being flexible will help you handle a changing camp environment in a way that means your campers likely remain oblivious to the fact that this wasn’t the plan all along. The more enthusiastic you are about new plans, the more on board your campers will be too!

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Real Experiences

Don't just take our word for it - this is just a snapshot of the amazing summers our participants have had at summer camp and why they keep coming back for more.

Going to camp really pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experience new things, from being trained in how to operate a ropes course to managing a team of staff.

Rosie, Club Getaway CT

Rosie, Club Getaway CT

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Camp is literally my second home! I cannot wait to be back with my campers and my camp friends. Camp is a place you can completely be yourself and make new memories that will last you a lifetime!

Megan, Elks Camp Moore NJ

Megan, Elks Camp Moore NJ

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Not only do I love everyday camp life and ensuring the campers have the best time possible but I also love connecting with different cultures! Camp is one of the best experiences you can have.

Anya, Camp Runels NH

Anya, Camp Runels NH

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Being away from home comforts really makes you appreciate the little things at camp. I love the weather, the lake and activities, but creating smiles and excitement for others really motivated me.

Jack, Camp Champions TX

Jack, Camp Champions TX

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Staff started camp with a mix of experience but none of that mattered. You are well trained and everyone supports each other creating a close-knit community like no other.

Katie, Camp Lee Mar PA

Katie, Camp Lee Mar PA

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At my camp we had a saying: camp people are the best people! I can say without a doubt the people I met working at summer camp are some of the best people I have ever met.

Alex, YMCA Camp Copneconic MI

Alex, YMCA Camp Copneconic MI

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Why Be a Sports Counselor?

You get to spend the summer organising and leading coaching sessions for your favourite sport, tailored towards different age groups and abilities. Whether campers are with you for a day, a week, or the entire summer, you’ll be able to watch with pride as they grow and improve with your coaching and have so much fun in the process. As an activity specialist, you also might be eligible for a higher rate of pocket money, but this will depend on the sport, the camp, and the demand this season.

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