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Types of Camps

We work with hundreds of camps across the USA. Although every camp is unique, most fit into one or more distinct categories. Explore the types of summer camps below and see which one is your best match.
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Private Camps

Expect a beautiful lakeside, rustic cabins and lots of activities. These independently owned camps offer everything from water sports and adventure to arts and science. Specialise or generalise – the choice is yours.
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Day Camps

Day camps are designed for children in the local area. They typically run from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, so after action packed days of activities you can normally expect to have your evenings and weekends off.
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Single-Gender Camps

Designed for either all girls or all boys, these camps can sit within any of the other camp categories. They still offer a wide range of activities and being open to these camps could increase your placement chances.
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Girl Scout Camps

Girls Scouts of the USA are all about encouraging girls to try new things, discover new talents and skills, learn from the real world, and find their tribe. You can also definitely expect to sample those famous cookies…
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Special Needs Camps

One of the most unique and rewarding experiences, these camps are designed to support campers with a range of physical and learning disabilities. No previous experience required, just a passion to make a difference.
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Camps for Under-Served Communities

Run by charities and other not-for-profit organisations, these camps enable children from under-served and underprivileged communities to share and enjoy the summer camp experience.
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Christian Camps

These camps are designed for campers from Christian families, incorporating faith-based teaching and practices into the traditional camp activities. You don’t need to be a Christian to work at all of them, but some make it a requirement.
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Jewish Camps

Summer camp is a huge Jewish tradition, and many of the summer camps across the USA are run by Jewish families. There’s a huge demand for Jewish counsellors, but you don’t have to practice the faith to work at one.

Found your match?

Whether you want to work at just one type of camp or any of them, it’s never been easier to start your application with Camp America. We’ll be by your side every step of the process to make sure you have a summer at camp that you’ll never forget.