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A Typical Day at Camp

No day (or camp!) is quite the same, but for a flavour of what you might expect, just keep scrolling…

Good Morning

Rise and shine – time to wake up your campers and make sure they’re ready for an exciting day of activities. It’s the best kind of chaos.


Soak up the sun at the waterfront – hop in the lifeguard chair, or maybe a boat or a kayak, or even just enjoy some swimming. Race you to the pier.


Are you feeling the creative spark? Time to help the campers craft something to take home, or help you create yet another friendship bracelet.


More than just breakfast, lunch and dinner – prepare yourself for songs, chants and games to spontaneously break out in the dining hall!

Camp Fun

You know what helps campers sleep at night? Running around. Treasure hunts, sports days, dances, and colour wars will keep them busy.


No summer camp is complete without a campfire and s’mores. Learn new songs and games with your campers. Bonus point if you play guitar.

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What to Expect

Ready for the summer camp adventure of a lifetime? Here’s what a typical day of camp activities might look like for you.
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Wake-up Call

Set your alarms early, it’s time to wake up for the busy day ahead! Now that you’re awake the first challenge of the day is to also wake up the campers in your cabins…

Typical Day Breakfast2 383x215


Time to leave your cabin and take your campers to the dining hall for the most important meal of the day. You will also be given any important morning announcements here.

Typical Day Morning Activity 383x215

Morning Activities

After fuelling up you head back to your cabin for a quick tidy and to get ready for a day full of activities across camp. You should look forward to being on the lake, playing sports like baseball and getting creative with arts and crafts.

Typical Day Lunch 383x215


It’s now time to sit down and refuel after a busy morning. Catch up with campers and counsellors – don’t be surprised if spontaneous songs or games break out!

Typical Day Afternoon Activity 383x215

Afternoon Activities

We’re back! Another action-packed period of the day with back-to-back activities all over camp. You could be making s’mores, kayaking across the lake or even rock climbing.

Typical Day Dinner2 383x215


You are now finished with regular activities for the day, so it’s time to head back to the dining hall for a well-deserved meal and catchup. Fingers crossed it's pizza night!

Typical Day Evening Activity 383x215

Evening Activity

Get ready for an all-camp activity! From talent shows to campfires to capture the flag, evening activities are always filled with camp spirit so be prepared to dress up, get involved and go all out!

Typical Day Lights Out 383x215

Lights Out!

The moment you have probably been waiting for all day! Campers are ready for bed and now it’s lights out to make sure they get a good night’s sleep, ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

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Real Experiences

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our past participants got up to during their time on (and off!) camp.

A Theatre Specialist is the most creative, diverse and imaginative job you can have at camp. Free periods throughout the day let me participate in theatre activities led by other specialists.



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Taking the campers out on the lake, doing things they'd never usually have the opportunity or support to do, was the greatest feeling. Seeing them feel like they can do anything was the best!

Lucy, Camp Northwood NY

Lucy, Camp Northwood NY

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Days off at camp were a peaceful break to get to know small town America, bond further with staff, try new food and experience local life.

George, Camp Schodack NY

George, Camp Schodack NY

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Making s’mores after campers learnt how to build a campfire during Outdoor Living Skills is always a highlight, along with making the campers laugh by performing funny songs and skits as they join in.

Emily, Jamestown 4-H Educational Center VA

Emily, Jamestown 4-H Educational Center VA

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The difference you can make and the changes you can see throughout the summer with the campers make every day worthwhile. I ended up doing 9 summers and wish I could keep going back!

Katie, Camp Lee Mar PA

Katie, Camp Lee Mar PA

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You join this bubble of people who are extremely caring and supportive, they help you grow as a person and unlock new confidence. I would recommend Camp America to anyone!

Alex, YMCA Camp Copneconic MI

Alex, YMCA Camp Copneconic MI

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A Typical Day Off

As fun as summer camp can be, you can’t be working all the time! At some point during your summer, you’ll have some days off to get out of camp and explore the local area. It’s a great opportunity to bond with other staff members and immerse yourself in American culture and entertainment. Grab some supplies at a superstore like Walmart or Target, enjoy a football or baseball game, indulge yourself in American cuisine and make sure you get local recommendations.

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Ready for the summer of a lifetime?

Start your application today and by the summer you could be racing around camp enjoying the day’s activities and sharing s’mores around a fire on a cosy camp night. What are you waiting for?