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What does being a Sports Counsellor involve?

Interested in working in the sports arena? Spend your summer working in a sports job, from football to lacrosse! You'll spend the majority of the day stationed at your sports area with different groups of children coming to you throughout the day.

Sports you can teach: 

Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Fencing, Hockey, Martial arts, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Skateboarding, Horse riding and Gymnastics.



Tell me more about this role...

American summer camps offer a huge range of sports for the kids, which creates a big need for Sports Counsellors. Camps will normally have Tennis, Gymnastics, Golf, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball - plus many more! So if you love sports, then we need you! Most camps also offer Horse Riding either on camp or at local stables, so experienced horse riders are in real high demand! Along with other Counsellors hired for the same role, you will share your passion for sports or horse riding with the campers and help them develop their skills and confidence in these activities.

What previous experience do you need?

To work as a Sport Counsellor, coaching experience or qualifications in your sport is essential. For example, to specialise in coaching Soccer at camp, an FA Level 1 coaching qualification (or above) or a wealth of coaching experience will look great as part of your application. For Horse Riding, you must feel confident with helping children learn to ride. Camps look to hire participants with experience in English or Western style riding and in your application make sure you talk about your stable care knowledge. In addition, any childcare experience is beneficial for both of these roles.


What else...

You may be working individually or as part of a team of specialists to organise and lead coaching sessions tailored towards different age groups, abilities and gender of campers. This will provide the opportunity to introduce and teach the basics of the sport to the younger beginners as well as to help the more advanced kids improve their skills. You could also potentially coach teams in organised sports matches against other camps.

For the remainder of the day, it's likely that you'll also take on a role as a 'General Counsellor' in which you'll be assigned to take care of a specific bunk of kids during meal times and throughout the night.

Advanced Skills Counsellors!

We class some sports as 'Advanced Skills' as they are in high demand at the camps we work with. These include Tennis, Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Archery, Riflery and Swimming. If you qualify for an Advanced Skills Counsellor role in any of these sports, you'll have a really great chance of getting Placed and be eligible to receive a higher rate of pocket money! 

So, if you have any experience in those skills make sure you put them on your application! If you have any qualifications/certifications in these sports, make sure you add these to your application as it willl help us determine whether you meet the requirements of an Advanced Skill Counsellor.

Visit us at the following events

See below for some of the camps that will be hiring for this role at our recruitment fairs!




Dan's Sports Experience

"As a Football or 'soccer' Counsellor I got to spend all my days in amazing sunshine (for the most part) teaching all of the different aged campers, boys and girls, my favourite sport which was perfect for me. As I worked in the sports department, some days I was asked to help out in other areas such as Tennis, Gymnastics, Basketball and Archery which was great fun! So every day I was basically just running around in any of the sports classes either teaching Football or helping in any other class, which was amazing!"



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