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What can I expect to gain from working on a Summer Camp?

It's a very different kind of place to work! Working on an American summer camp offers so much more than just a job - it's an experience like no other and the benefits are endless...What can I expect to gain from working on a summer camp?

Gain New Skills and Confidence!

Camp enables you to become a role model, a leader and a team player - perhaps without you even noticing! You couldn't gain all of these skills in a normal summer job, so by taking part in the programme you're not only going to have an amazing time, you're also helping your future too!

Where else are you going to be able to try your hand at water skiing, teach a football class, jump off a flying trapeze, have a pool party, cook over a campfire and watch the sunset over the lake all in one day? Working on a summer camp will give you the chance to try endless new activities, in a stunning location and join in with fun American summer camp traditions, which you wouldn't find anywhere else in the world. So along with the friendships you'll make with the staff and the bonds you'll build with the campers - you've got one amazing and unique summer to look forward to!

Improve your English/Add International Work to your CV!

Spending 9 weeks in the USA is a great opportunity to improve your Engish languange skills as you will be speaking English your whole time on camp. Don't be worried by this, you don't have to be fluent before arriving but a good level of spoken English is required. 

The great thing about working on a summer camp is that whilst you're having an amazing summer doing something fun and exciting, you'll also be benefiting your future at the same time! Camp America is recognised by employers and academic institutions across the world, so it will be a great addition to your CV and make you a stand out applicant. Not only will it demonstrate that you had the drive to do something different with your summer, but it will also show independence, responsibility and ambition.

Travel in America!

You get to spend the summer living and working in the USA, so by the end of it you'll feel like a local! You can make the most of your days off at camp and check out the local area and nearby towns and cities. Then once camp is finished, you can stay in America for a further 30 days to travel! The USA is a great country to explore on any budget and is by far the best country to do a road trip! If you've not travelled much before, the USA is the perfect place to start as there's such a variety of things to see and do. From big buzzing cities to stunning national parks, chilled out beaches to classic American towns - there's something for everyone!

New Friends from all Around the World!

The bonds formed between the staff on camp means you become like family! You'll rely on each other, you'll work hard together, you'll laugh together, you'll learn together and ultimately you'll share the summer together. There'll no doubt be a mixture of personalities, backgrounds and nationalities which is what makes camp so great, however you will all have one thing in common - the desire to do this type of experience!

Most people are nervous about doing Camp America on their own, but as soon as you get to camp you're never alone! So whilst you might arrive not knowing anyone, you'll leave with a group of new best mates!



Former Spanish Applicant

Carlos' Camp America Experience

"I am Spanish and had not really heard of Camp America until, as with many people, I first heard about CA from a good school friend who returned home after summer at camp and he spoke so highly and enthusiastically about it that it had me intrigued. I can now say camp has changed the person I am today, it has taught me many invaluable skills and abilities, and it has also brought out and greatly developed hidden skills such as optimism, teamwork, empathy, patience, self-confidence, self-growth, inter-personal skills... the list goes on.  The experiences you have at Camp, the people you meet, the kids' whom lives you influence, it all shapes you and brings out your best version. Not only do you change and grow as a person, but you also make many amazing connections and friends whom I can easily say are forever."


Former Spanish Applicant

10 things to know about Camp America



Click here for a full breakdown!



9 weeks is the minimum time you can be available for the summer.



Experience and desire to work with children.



18+ years of age.

Fluency in English.

Have a specialized skill you could lead at camp, like rock climbing, football, horseback riding or guitar etc.


Food and Accomodation

Whilst on Camp you will have all food and accommodation free of charge.


Program Dates

Must be available from the 1st May- 20th June for 9 weeks (Minimum).



$650-1200 depending on age and experience. ​



​You will be eligible for Camp America’s comprehensive medical insurance the whole time you are in the states.



​Included in the fees are return flights from your home country to New York!



After camp get 30 days to travel around America! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Interested? Want some more information? Or just want to discuss your application?

Please feel free to contact one of our Spanish Interviewers!


Rafael Quesada- (Malaga)

Elisabet Biosca- (Barcelona)

Beatriz Vergara- (Zaragoza)

Maribel De La Fuente- (Madrid)

Gloria Falgas- (Girona)

Maria Pilar Garcia- (Alicante)


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