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Returner Savings

Returning to camp is going to help you save money from the start and also give you the opportunity to leave camp with more!

Pay Less

Purely and simply, the cost to you to re-apply for camp is significantly lower than your first summer and this is our way of rewarding your loyalty to Camp America. As there is nowhere near as much work to do behind the scenes on your application, we're able to get you through the process a lot quicker and therefore help you save a good chunk of money at the same time.

Earn More

If you're returning to the same camp you have the ability to negotiate your own pocket money directly with your camp. So you can expect to earn more money when discussing your role for the next summer. If you are applying to go to a new camp then you will still earn more than your first summer but the fee will be set and agreed upon between Camp America and your camp.

What else do I get?

There are many more benefits of going back to camp through Camp America. Carry on reading below to see exactly what we can do for you.


Quick and easy application. When you re-activate your account, you’ll see a lot of information has saved from the previous season so you only need to update a few sections.


Visa application support and advice. As a returner you’re still required by the US Embassy to attend a face to face interview. Camp America will still send your documents and support you with the application.


Top quality customer service. We have specific staff in our office dedicated to returners and your application. You’ll still get the full support and backing from us and we’re always on hand for any questions.


Flexible flight options. As a returner you can choose to organise and pay for your own flight and let us take care of that for you. Whatever suits you best we are happy to adhere to you, the ball is in your court!


If you decide to take your own flight option there are no fees to your camp which is going to help when you negotiate your pocket money. If you take our flight package, that fee will be charged to your camp and then deducted from your pocket money.


Medical Insurance is still part of the returner package and you’ll be fully covered just as you would be as a first timer. This again applies to the whole time you’re in America both on and off camp.

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