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A summer of fun!

Your chance to spend next summer working and living on an amazing summer camp in the USA!

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International experience

The great thing about working on a summer camp is that whilst you’re having an amazing summer doing something fun and exciting, you’ll also be benefiting your future at the same time! Camp America is recognised by employers and academic institutions across the world, so it will be a great addition to your CV and make you a stand out applicant.

Travel in America

You get to spend the summer living and working in the USA, so by the end of it you’ll feel like a local! You can make the most of your days off at camp and check out the local area and nearby towns and cities. Then once camp is finished, you can stay in America for a further 30 days to travel!

Improve your English

Spending 9 weeks in the USA is a great opportunity to improve your English language skills as you will be speaking English your whole time on camp. Don’t be worried by this, you don’t have to be fluent before arriving but a good level of spoken English is required.

Meet new people

The bonds formed between the staff on camp means you become like family! You’ll rely on each other, you’ll work hard together, you’ll laugh together, you’ll learn together and ultimately you’ll share the summer together.

Gain New Skills

Camp enables you to become a role model, a leader and a team player - perhaps without you even noticing! You couldn’t gain all of these skills in a normal summer job, so by taking part in the programme you’re not only going to have an amazing time, you’re also helping your future too!


Whether you’d rather look after the camp working in the kitchen, office, or maintenance, or looking after the kids as a general or activities specialist, there’s something for everyone!


Danish Interviewer, Aalborg

Jeppe's Camp America Experience

"After finishing high school, like many young Danish people, I decided to take a gap year. For me it was important that I got both experiences and saved some money and I saw Camp America. CA is an English organization that each year sends 7,000 young people to the US to work on US summer camps for a summer of sun, fun, other young people and activities. I sent my application just before Christmas, It was easy because the site is built up so that you are guided through the various steps in the application process.

Camp America is an extremely cheap form of travel as you get paid for the work at the camp, and they provide flights, medical insurance and offer 24 hour support while you are in the United States. To travel and work with Camp America is an extremely simple way to have a different experience and as a bonus, you can also travel around the United States. When camp is over, you can travel in the US for 30 days! The first year I travelled 3 weeks on the US East Coast, where I took advantage of the many opportunities that the United States offers, and I just managed to get home before the introduction day at my university!"

Danish Interviewer, Aalborg

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