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N-Sid-Sen Camp and Retreat Center

Address: 36395 S Highway 97, Harrison, Idaho 83833
State: Idaho


Campers: 100

Camp: Residential

Accommodation: Private 2 person rooms with bathrooms.


Total staff: 9

Minimum staff age: 18

Number of international staff: 6

Start date


End date


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N-Sid-Sen is located on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho. The site includes play and sports fields, a cove and docks for swimming and boating, hiking  trails, an outdoor chapel, two campfire circles, picnic areas, basketball and volleyball courts along the lake and lots of quiet places where you can enjoy this beautiful piece of God’s creation.
As members of The United Church of Christ, we are a progressive liberal church camp. We welcome and will have folks onsite that are LGBTQ as well as transgender. We believe Christ not only welcomes all, but also embraces people as they are. Our motto is "No matter who you or where you are on lifes journey, you are welcome here".  


Each staff member has 1 full day off in addition to most days staff will have 3-5 hours off midday. 


Open, welcoming of all folks, willing to work hard, looking to experience faith in the world of Outdoor Ministry. We practice Radical Hospitality and look for that in all our staff. 

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