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Applications for Summer 2025 are open now. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable summer.
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Get Visa Ready


We are offering you the chance to go to the US embassy to get your J1 visa now! We think you have a GREAT application, so it’s time to get Visa Ready!

Why should you accept the Visa Ready option and go to the embassy now:

  • Camps will know you have your visa and are ready to go so they will want to hire you!!
  • Appointments are now available at the US Embassy – these book up quickly as we get closer to the summer, if you apply now you avoid any last minute rush and have more choice of date. Don't lose out on a placement because you can't get your visa!
  • In previous years we have had a 100% placement rate for our Visa Ready Participants and we expect this to the case again for this summer, so what are you waiting for?!

When will you be placed?

Camps are looking at your application now and you could be hired anytime from today up until the end of June. It is very likely that you will be placed with lots of time before your camp start date, however, as we get into June you may be contacted by a camp and asked to arrive with shorter notice. Don’t worry if this happens both Camp America and your camp will be there every step of the way to help you be ready to hop on a plane and you will never be expected to travel before the availability date entered onto your application.

Although unlikely, if it does get to June 30th and you are not placed, you will receive a refund of the US Embassy J1 visa fee and any payments made to Camp America above the initial 1st instalment (this fee is not refundable in any circumstances). If you accept the Visa Ready offer and cancel prior to 30 June no refunds are payable.

What happens if you do not accept the 'Visa Ready' offer? Your application will continue to circulate camps and we will still try to find a placement for you until there is no longer enough time for you to obtain a visa. You may have a quick turnaround once you have confirmed a placement and will need to book into any available Embassy slot ASAP. Any visa delays may jeopardise your placement offer. If you are from Australia/New Zealand see further information ** below.

If you want to be Visa Ready NOW we will issue your visa forms so you can book your embassy appointment straight away. Please go back to your My Camp America site and click on the 'Accept' button.

Becoming Visa Ready and applying for your J1 visa now gives you the best possible chance of placement as camps know that you are ready to fly! We think it’s only a matter of time before you receive a camp placement and so we strongly recommend that you take up this option to give you the most amount of time to obtain your visa!

** For those living in Australia and New Zealand: Once you have accepted the Visa Ready option, you will need to login to your online CA site to make your final payment and complete the medical form. We can then issue visa papers for you to book your appointment at the US Consulate as quickly as possible.