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Returning staff CA flight and own travel options

Information for Returners to the same camp - Important

Camp America flight - we will make flight arrangements and will bill your camp (who will deduct the amount from the pay rate they have negotiated with you). Camps are billed US$ 1300 for Sponsor Fee and flight costs (flights to New York - other cities more expensive) plus the US governement SEVIS fee $35. Please note that you will need to make your own way back to New York for your return flight.

Camp America fees charged to you are £80-174 higher if you take the CA flight option, compared to going own transport.

If you choose to fly from airports other than London you may be billed a regional flight supplement 

Airport supplements

Own Transport - finding your own flight and paying yourself in advance (understand that flight costs generally go up the longer you leave it to make your booking) you should also protect these costs against the possibility your visa will be delayed/not be granted by the US embassy. If you have to change/cancel your flight for any reason Camp America cannot be liable for any fees you may incur. Your camp will be billed US$ 250 Sponsor Fee plus the US governement SEVIS fee $35.