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Special Placement Information

Been offered a placement at a camp in California/Colorado/Wisconsin? Here's everything you need to know!

You get more pocket money...
In California, Colorado and Wisconsin, participants are eligible to be paid the minimum wage/fixed rate. In all other states, counsellors are exempt from this law. So getting offered a placement in California/Colorado/Wisconsin means extra pay! Wahoo!

You'll need to sort out and pay for your own travel arrangements to and from camp...
Camp America flights are not available for California/Colorado/Wisconsin placements, so this means you will need to sort your own flights. Don't worry though - you should be able to find reasonably priced flights online. If you are from Poland, our Warsaw office can assist you with your flights and get good deals for you. If you are from New Zealand our agent in your country will help you with your flights - Remember: ask your camp which airport(s) are best to fly into and how you get to camp from there.

Own Transport Agreement
Please click here to read the 

Own Transport Agreement

Fees to Camp America
- you now pay less than if you were taking the Camp America flight.

Your camp contract...
If you accept a placement at a California/Colorado/Wisconsin camp, your camp contract may also show deductions made for other items such as accommodation and meals. However, this WON'T impact the pocket money you receive. Those going to California/Wisconsin - check exactly how much pocket money you will receive under the 'Placement' section of your online CA account. If you are going to Colorado your camp will let you know your pay - it is likely to be more than the amount on your online CA account.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • How do I get to camp?
    • Your camp will provide you with more info about how to get from the airport to camp. They may pick you up from the airport or expect you to use public transport - either way, they will confirm all of this with you so chat to your camp about it.
  • Tips for finding cheap flights
    • Check online for the best flight deals! Check if the price varies if you fly into different airports/fly on different dates (camp may be a bit flexible with start dates) - check the flight you want to get is okay with your camp before you buy it. If you still need help get in touch with us in the office at [email protected] or call 020 7581 7373.
  • How much do I now have to pay to Camp America?
    • £459 rather than £659!