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CA flight vs Own Travel option

Camp America flight - the hassle free option

Camp America flight - the hassle free option

  • We will make flight arrangements from London to camp, based on your camp start date (including internal travel) - click here for other airport options
  • Support from CA staff if there are any flight issues on the day of departure
  • Your return flight will be from New York - date must be chosen prior to departure to camp

Own Transport - find and pay for your own flight

  • Cheaper fees to Camp America (pay £200 less than CA London flight option)
  • Extra $500-600 pay from camp
  • Full flexibility - choose any airport/airline - no need to book return flight until in the US
  • Keep in mind that flight costs generally go up the longer you leave it to make your booking but you should also protect these costs against the possibility your visa will be delayed/not be granted by the US embassy
  • If you have to change/cancel your flight for any reason Camp America cannot be liable for any fees you may incur
  • Click here for full details of the own transport agreement


  • You may be able to swap between the two options after you have made your initial choice and your application has been submitted, but this may incur penalty fees if you change after 1 March and is subject to availability of CA flights and space on the own travel option.

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]